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Speedyquick is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Kineceleran[1][2] from the planet Kinet[merch 1] and the Dimension 23 equivalent of XLR8.


Speedyquick looks similar to 16-year-old XLR8 in Omniverse except his skin and tail stripes are bluish-white, his eyes are blue, and his chest is dark blue. The Omnitrix symbol on his chest is blue with a golden rim.

Powers and Abilities[]

IaMBW1 (108)

Enhanced Speed/Enhanced Agility

Using his enhanced speed and agility, and the ability to manipulate his friction,[note 1] Speedyquick can reach running speeds of 500 miles per hour.[merch 1] He can accelerate so quickly that time appears to completely stop to him, allowing him to change the positions of things around him mid-motion, while only being able to be seen by a camera with a very high shutter speed.[3] Using his incredible speed, Speedyquick is fast enough to run up walls[4] and run on water.[5][6] Speedyquick's tremendous speed also makes him resistant to strong winds, such as the suction force of Viktor's portal, as demonstrated by XLR8.[7]

Speedyquick has the potential to become even faster with age, seen when Ben 10,000 as XLR8 managed to outrun Ken as XLR8 in a race, even when Ken had a head start.[8] XLR8 was also capable of travelling globally in just a few seconds when used by Ben 10,000.[pop-up 1][9] This also boosts his strength, shown when his XLR8 was able to greatly damage Exo-Skull with speed-enhanced physical attacks.[9]

Compared to his fellow speedster alien Fastcat, Speedyquick seems to have more control over his speed; he can immediately end a run by stopping in place, while Fastcat can have trouble stopping if he runs too fast.[10] Furthermore, he is confirmed to be faster than Aerophibians on the ground.[DM 1]

Even without his incredible running speed, Speedyquick is capable of thinking, acting, and reacting at superhuman speed. His sharp reflexes allow him to dodge attacks with little to no effort,[7][11] and change direction very easily while running. He is able to type on keyboards or keypads at high speeds. When using this skill to bypass a multiple-digit code, he can think of and input every single possible combination instead of guessing, such as when XLR8 was trying to remove SevenSeven 23's bomb from Ben 23's arm.[12]

Speedyquick is capable of creating vortexes by generating a centripetal vacuum powerful enough to lift a To'kustar[13], either by running in a circular pattern or spinning at supersonic speeds.[14][15] He can also combine this with water running to create water vortexes by running in front of or around his enemies.[5][16] He can even combine this with fire, as demonstrated by Helen.[17]

Speedyquick can deliver attacks in rapid succession, such as excessively kicking,[5] or stabbing with his scissor-like claws.[18]

Speedyquick has great amounts of strength, as XLR8 was able to lift multiple people without slowing down while running on water.[5] His strength shines the most with striking, as XLR8 was able to punch Rojo harder than the shell of a military tank could.[19]

Speedyquick is durable enough to withstand being thrown against a wall,[20] and adversely survive coming to a dead stop at full speed.[21]

Speedyquick is capable of jumping exceptionally high, and incredibly far when his jump height is mixed with his speed.[14]

Speedyquick's tail is prehensile, and can hold objects if his hands are full, as XLR8 held a Null Void Containment Egg with it when he was about to trap Devlin.[8] This feat was first demonstrated when Kevin 11 used his tail to carefully pick up a tray of slop and shove it in Technorg's face when he wasn't looking.[22]

Speedyquick has a natural retractable visor hidden under his helmet. This visor helps to guard his face when running at high speeds for long periods of time.


Speedyquick's biggest weakness is magnets and charged pulses, as they can completely throw him off-course and cause him to lose his footing and spin out of control.[merch 1]

Opponents with good reflexes and reaction time can counter Speedyquick's speed and land a blow on him, such as Transylians,[7] Tetramands,[20] and Vulpimancers.[23]

Speedyquick's speed does not work on all surfaces: running on ice will make him lose his balance, causing him to slip and slide around;[15] whereas running on sticky surfaces, such as Sploot's goo, leaves him stuck in place.[8]

Speedyquick can also be held in place if his tail is either stepped on[24] or held down.[25]

Speedyquick is vulnerable to electricity.[14]





Season 7[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Spurti-Schnell From Spurt, sprint, and schnell, fast/ quick
Polish Błyskawica From błyskawica, lightning
Portuguese (Br) Apressado From apressado, rushed
Romanian Vitezo Repede From vitezo, speed and, repede, quick
Russian Молния From молния, lightning
Spanish (HA) Not Named Dub error because "Speedyquick" is not mentioned


  • In Vreedlemania, there is an animation error where XLR8 has the same color palette as Speedyquick.
  • Matt Wayne speculated that XLR8 is physically weaker than Fasttrack (and by extension, Speedyquick is physically weaker than Fastcat), stating that "Fasttrack can probably lift more".[MW 1]


  1. According to Duncan Rouleau, XLR8 is frictionless.[DR 1] However, this is contradicted by the many times XLR8 has been shown skidding to a stop, tumbling across the ground, etc. Correlating with Duncan, a cereal card states that XLR8 can instead manipulate his friction.[merch 2]



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