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The SECT (Special Extraterrestrial Containment Team), known as SACT (Special Alien Containment Team) prior to Omniverse, is a Special Activities Division black-ops military unit that captures aliens and takes them to Area 51, which is illegal under interstellar law.



Ben 10

Ben 10: Omniverse


  • SECT is much like STORM from the Nicktoons anime show, Monsuno in many ways:
    • STORM's sole purpose is to hunt down and capture Monsunos and SECT's purpose is the same, but varies to aliens.
    • STORM knows about all the secret information about Monsunos, Wild Cores, and Dr. Klipse as does SECT about the Plumbers, Vilgax, and the Omnitrix.
    • Lt. Steel is like Jon Ace, a former STORM lieutenant.
  • The Acronym SECT is very similar to ZECT from Kamen Rider Kabuto. Both organizations also share a similar aim, as ZECT tracks down aliens from the Worm species.
  • Several SECT agents can be found throughout areas in FusionFall, a Cartoon Network MMORPG.
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