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Special Defects is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 24 of the series.


Ben and Gwen are being taken to visit a film set by Max's old friend 'Pietro' for his new monster movie.

Commenting about how his disgruntled, old friend 'Dirk' had recently been fired, Pietro, as well as Max are attacked by the horror-movie animatronic-assassins controlled by none other than Dirk himself.

Ben, darting to cover, transforms into Wildvine, and using his tendrils, Ben is almost able to incapacitate the robots, until they extend their legs and kick themselves free. Dirk uses the controller to control the animatronics and flee the set, just as Ben detransforms.

Later, Dirk reviews the footage captured by his animatronic's cameras -including Ben's de-transdformation. Deciding that he needs to capture the Omnitrix to revitalise his career as a visual effects director, Dirk sets out to attack the set once again.

On the set while Pietro is continuing to film, Dirk returns, breaking through a wall while on the back of a giant Dracula recreation. To prevent the wall from collapsing onto Pietro, Ben -hoping to transform into Four Arms, transforms instead into Benwolf.

After learning he can't pull the Omnitrix's emblem directly off of Benwolf's belt, Dirk knocks himself out on a table, only later to get arrested by police. While Dirk is hauled away, Pietro proposes a five picture deal for Benwolf and his amazing werewolf costume.




  • Dirk

Aliens Used


  • Max's friend Pietro may be designed to look like George Lucas.
  • Dirk's previous monster movie 'The King of the Monsters', may be in reference to Godzilla's famous title, or the 1998 movie named after it.
  • There are many references to Universal's monster movies, including the Wolf-man and Dracula.


  • On page 6 of the story, the Omnitrix is off-model.
  • Dirk and his animatronics begin to run off while Ben starts to de-transform, while Max comments to Pietro all the monsters have gone while Ben de-transforms, implying that they've already left which seems unlikely.
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