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Space Slime is an unknown life form that made its first appearance in That's The Stuff.


It appears as a highly viscous purple fluid. When transformed into another life-form, the life-form appears to have purple eyes.


It is extremely aggressive, when it prepares to attack it produces grunts and bristles even if it is transformed.


Not much is known where it came from, it leaves a bottle and finds Ben and transformed into Grey Matter. The vicious material changed shape adapting the appearance of Grey Matter, beating it in combat, and locking him in a room. Shortly it meets Gwen and Grandpa Max and confuses it for Ben until it decides to copy their appearances. When Ben returns as Omni-Enhanced Four Arms, the slime shape-shifts into him as well, then Ben turns into Omni-Enhanced Diamondhead in order to defeat it as soon as he discovers its weakness.

Powers and Abilities

It is capable of shapeshifting in a type of organic life, if someone looks at it, it will copy the foe's strength and size. It can also pass through small pieces.


The slime will deteriorate when surrounded by mirrors and revert to its original form. As Omni-Enhanced Four Arms, it was vulnerable to the real deal's Fulmini energy, which it lacks.


Ben 10

Season 2

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