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Sotoraggians are an alien species from the planet Sotoragg.


The overall body structure of a Sotoraggian is humanoid. Each member possesses four sharp fingers on each hand and high heel-like hooves with the front toe being longer than the back.

Sotoraggians have a strange mini-arm on each shoulder that is usually used to throw the small pikes coming out of their jetpack or bombs when their hands are occupied. Each mini-arm has three dark grey stripes.

When SevenSeven's helmet broke, it revealed bluish-gray skin and a somewhat human-shaped eye underneath. The eye had a yellowish white sclera and a thin, hyphen-shaped pupil. The eyelids also had black tarsi.

The rest of the appearance is currently unknown since every Sotoraggian seen so far is always decked with armor.

Mutated Sotoraggians

Mutated Sotoraggians have withered, gray-yellow skin with a gray robotic patch indented on each side of the head. The patches contain three pink eyes each that replace the eyes that usually appear on the face. Like Sotoraggians, mutated Sotoraggians have a strange mini-arm on each shoulder, but they lack stripes. The mouth has long, sharp teeth and visible gums on the upper jaw. There is also a very long and slender tongue that ends on a pointy tip. The back of the head has a pointy tip. There are also three growths that run down the scalp. The head is also decaled with randomly placed scars that are brownish red in color.


Sotoraggians hunt assassin droids for their rite of passage.

Sotoraggians are shown to be tough and very proud of their race, much like the Highbreed.


So far, only Vilgax, Rook Blonko, Attea, Kraab, and Thunderpig have been able to understand the Sotoraggians' language. Their language does not work through a Universal Translator.[DM 1]

Powers and Abilities

Sotoraggians often wear Power Armor. Some can be fused with nanomachines to be able to morph their power armor for more weapons, mutating them in the process.

Mutated Sotoraggians

Mutated Sotoraggians are able to survive in a vacuum.


Without their helmets, Sotoraggians are weak against foul odors such as methane.

They are weak to electricity.


Sotoraggians are almost always armed with a jetpack and armor that is covered with pouches that hold various weapons and projectiles, such as twin blasters, laser discs, an energized buzz saw, laser blade, whip, a sonic weapon, throwing pikes, grenades, bolas, rockets and several tentacle-mounted lasers coming out of the backpack.

Notable Sotoraggians

Notable Mutated Sotoraggians


Sotoraggians are named after Alex Soto, the supervising producer and director of the original series.


Dwayne McDuffie

Matt Wayne

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