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Newredomni The contents of this article do not appear on any official media of the franchise.
They are strictly non-canon, and have no affiliation to the series or Cartoon Network whatsoever.

Somnambulizard[MW 1] is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an unknown species from an unknown planet.[note 1]


Somnambulizard is a five-feet-tall[TP 1] humanoid orange axolotl who wears a black and white jumpsuit. He has yellow, bulging eyes similar to that of a chameleon and a tan underbelly. He has six tendrils on his head with red fins and an orange tail with a red fin, all of which function as sensory organs.[TP 2]

Somnambulizard wears the Omnitrix on his left hand.

Powers and Abilities[]

Somnambulizard is able to mind control people within his line of sight, able to mesmerize people within a limited area.[TP 3]

Somnambulizard's sensory organs help him synchronize with the nervous system of the people he mesmerizes.[TP 4]


Ben 10[]

Five Years Prior to Omniverse[]

  • Somnambulizard was among the aliens that Ben moved on from due to being underpowered.[MW 2]


Somnambulizard is a portmanteau on "somnambulism", which means to sleep walk; and "lizard", referencing his appearance.


  • Matt Wayne first came up with Somnambulizard during the run of Omniverse in 2013.[MW 2]
  • Somnambulizard was drawn by Thomas Perkins in 2021. It took him about an hour to make.[TP 5]
  • Despite his status as an unofficial alien, Derrick J. Wyatt believes that Somnambulizard's DNA is actually in the Omnitrix.[DJW 1]
  • Somnambulizard may be able to regenerate lost limbs.[TP 6]
  • Somnambulizard resembles an axolotl. Ironically, axolotls are amphibians and not lizards.


  1. This transformation was created by Matt Wayne as a joke[MW 2] and designed by Thomas Perkins long after the series ended. It is non-canon and unofficial.


Matt Wayne[]

Thomas Perkins[]

Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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