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Snow Blind is a Ben 10 comic story published in the Cartoon Network Action Pack series (based on the original series), published by DC and Cartoon Network. This comic appears in issue 6 of the series.


At Mt. Packer, Colorado -in the middle of July-, Ben, Gwen, and Max are all enjoying their skiing down the slopes, until a villainous environmentalist, Frostbyte, begins creating avalanches on the north face.

Fearing the effects of the unexpected blizzard on the other skiers, Ben transforms into Heatblast, much to the dismay of Gwen and Max. Despite their worries of Ben's choice of alien, he manages to save them, as well as the civilians from any danger.

After transforming back, Ben meets face to face with Frostbyte, and shortly after the Tennyson's head to the Rust Bucket back and research his origins and motives, along with concocting a plan to stop him.

The next morning, the family finds 'Geoff Derksen', aka Frostbyte, with the help of an improvised energy tracker, which Max plays off the creation of as 'a hobby' of his. There, Frostbyte reveals his heat generators, and begins to melt the slope to destroy the resort he fought against the creation of.

Ben transforms into Ripjaws, and saves some nearby skiers from drowning. Gwen smacks Frostbyte with a board, knocking him into the water with Ben, where -at the sight of the monster- Derksen instantly faints.

Reflecting on the anti-climactic finale, Ben's thought process gets halted by a snowball to the side of the head, courtesy of a laughing Gwen.




Aliens Used


  • The Omnitrix's emblem was entirely white in one panel.
  • When Ben was about to turn into Heatblast, the emblem was facing the wrong way, and its sides were white. The dial was also down, seemingly before he smacked it.
  • The middle part of Ripjaws' Omnitrix symbol was black in one panel.
  • Heatblast's Omnitrix symbol flashed green, not red, when it timed out.
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