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Slurpstack is a character that appeared in Something I Ate.


Slurpstack is a mutant animal colored dark purple with light purple spots on the back. On its back, there are red spines and a long tail. It has a total of ten legs. The two biggest ones are for walking and maintaining balance while the rest function as arms. It has a pair of big red eyes and gills. It also has a long tongue for taking things and eating things. It has red eyes and white teeth.


When Slurpstack gets sick, it gets very aggressive and dangerous.


Slurpstack likes to eat candy.

Powers and Abilities[]

Slurpstack has great strength and a very long tongue. Its tongue can be used as a hand. Slurpstack can also digest many things because of its great appetite.


There are some things that Slurpstack can't digest. If it eats things that it can't digest, it gets sick. Slurpstack also has a weak spot in its head, as seen when it got hurt when Grey Matter hit its head.


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