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Your species is the most important in all of creation. For eons, these slimebiotes will carry, gather, mix, and deposit DNA across the growing universe.

– The Contumelia[1]

Slimebiotes are a sapient genetometaphomorphic species who predate all other DNA based life forms in the universe.


Slimebiotes resemble a small green glob with tendrils. They have little antennae sticking out of their heads and their eyes are small and straight.


Slimebiotes feed on DNA, though Skurd has been observed drinking smoothies.


The Slimebiote species is the most important in all of creation as they will gather, carry, mix, and deposit DNA across a growing universe for eons.[2][1] Slimebiotes predate the universe and will seed life across new and growing universes throughout the cosmos.

In the billions of years, Slimebiotes like Skurd had forgotten the original life mission of their species.

Powers and Abilities

When attached to an alien species, Slimebiotes can use the alien's DNA to create extra limbs.

They sample and carry DNA to mix and deposit.

Slimebiotes are impossible to remove by force (except by ionic surgery), since they only leave their hosts if they choose to.

Slimebiotes have a high tolerance for neural shifts.[3][4]

They can see beyond the eyes of most three-dimensional beings in order to perceive the true visage of fifth-dimensional beings like the Contumelia.


Being single-celled organisms, Slimebiotes cannot travel by teleportation without a host, as the process would tear them apart.

Slimebiotes are not immune to Toepick's face.[DJW 1]

Notable Slimebiotes

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Babobiote
Babobionte (A New Dawn)
From baba, slime and -biote (shortened form of symbiote); pronounced /'babobɪot/ (in Stuck on You and Let's Do the Time War Again) and /babo'bɪot/ (in the two mentioned episodes and Malgax Attacks).
From baba, slime and -bionte (shortened form of simbionte), symbiote or symbiont; pronounced /babo'bɪonte/.
Spanish (Spain) Mocobiota
Mucobiota (Secret of Dos Santos)
From moco, mucus and biota, biota; pronounced /moco'bɪota/.
Dub error; pronounced /mʊco'bɪota/.


Slimebiote is a combination of slime and Symbiote.


  • Slimebiotes are thought to be extinct, as Azmuth had never observed one prior to Malgax Attacks. Upon seeing the Contumelia's Slimebiotes, Skurd revealed that he himself had thought he was alone in the universe.
  • The Omnitrix does not contain, nor can it accept, Slimebiote DNA because they do not have genetic material equivalent enough to DNA that can be stored.[DJW 2][DJW 3]


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