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Your species is the most important in all of creation. For eons, these Slime-Biots will carry, gather, mix, and deposit DNA across the growing universe.

– The Contumelia[1]

Slime-Biots[CN 1][note 1] are a sapient genetometaphomorphic species who predate all other DNA based life forms in the universe.


Slime-Biots resemble a small green glob with tendrils. They have little antennae sticking out of their heads and their eyes are small and straight.


Slime-Biots feed on DNA, though Skurd has been observed drinking smoothies.


The Slime-Biot species is the most important in all of creation as they will gather, carry, mix, and deposit DNA across a growing universe for eons.[3][1] Slime-Biots predate the universe and will seed life across new and growing universes throughout the cosmos.

In the billions of years, Slime-Biots like Skurd had forgotten the original life mission of their species. It is also assumed that they are all long-extinct as mentioned by Azmuth that he had never observed one before meeting up with Skurd.

Powers and Abilities[]

When attached to an alien species, Slime-Biots can use the alien's DNA to create extra limbs.

They sample and carry DNA to mix and deposit.

Slime-Biots are impossible to remove by force (except by ionic surgery), since they only leave their hosts if they choose to.

Slime-Biots have a high tolerance for neural shifts.[4][5]

They can see beyond the eyes of most three-dimensional beings in order to perceive the true visage of fifth-dimensional beings like the Contumelia.


Being single-celled organisms, Slime-Biots cannot travel by teleportation without a host, as the process would tear them apart.

Slime-Biots are not immune to Toepick's face.[DJW 1]

Notable Slime-Biots[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Schleimbiot From Schleim, slime and Symbiont, symbiote or symbiotisch, symbiotic
Italian Gelatinoide
Slime-Biot (Malgax Attacks)
From gelatina, jelly and -oide, -oid
Spanish (HA) Babobiote
Babobionte (A New Dawn)
From baba, slime and -biote (shortened form of symbiote); pronounced /'babobɪot/ (in Stuck on You and Let's Do the Time War Again) and /babo'bɪot/ (in the two mentioned episodes and Malgax Attacks).
From baba, slime and -bionte (shortened form of simbionte), symbiote or symbiont; pronounced /babo'bɪonte/.
Spanish (Spain) Mocobiota
Mucobiota (The Secret of Dos Santos)
From moco, mucus and biota, biota; pronounced /moco'bɪota/.
Dub error; pronounced /mʊco'bɪota/.


Slime-Biot is a combination of slime and Symbiote.


  • Slime-Biots are thought to be extinct, as Azmuth had never observed one prior to Malgax Attacks. Upon seeing the Contumelia's Slime-Biots, Skurd revealed that he himself had thought he was alone in the universe.
  • The Omnitrix does not contain, nor can it accept, Slime-Biot DNA because they do not have genetic material equivalent enough to DNA that can be stored.[DJW 2][DJW 3]


  1. The name of Skurd's species, the Slime-Biots, was first used in Stuck on You by Khyber. This information would be added to his page on November 4, 2014 by Dino-drones, spelling the name as "Slimebiote". A page for the species was created later the same day by Bookreader345, again using this spelling. The official spelling of "Slime-Biot" would later be revealed via the plot synopsis of Malgax Attacks,[CN 2] however, the assumed spelling persisted on this wiki until October 31, 2023. Cartoon Network, meanwhile, would continue to use the correct spelling,[CN 3] with the exception of a video uploaded to the Cartoon Network U.K. Youtube Channel titled "Ben 10 | Best Slimebiote Moments | Cartoon Network", thereby acknowledging the misnomer.[CN 4][2]


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