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Slapstrike is a fake alien that Deefus Veeblepister transforms into in Collect This.


Slapstrike is a short, red-skinned alien with black markings on his face. He has silver samurai shoulder and knee pads, and he has black fingerless gloves on his hands with three spikes on them. He has small legs, with white fur on his waist, and has a black and green striped belt attaching the fur to his body. He has several silver bands on his arms and ankles, and he has two yellow horns. The Omnitrix symbol is located on his forehead.

He seems to be modeled after a samurai or a Mongolian warrior. His oversized hands are nearly the size of his torso.

Powers and Abilities

Collect This (23)

Sonic Clap

Slapstrike can clap his hands to create shockwaves that push whatever the waves hit. His hands can also hit with considerable force.


Unknown alien

Slapstrike throws a truck

Slapstrike's hands, in proportion to the rest of his body, makes him extremely top-heavy and difficult to move through narrow spaces. Consequently, he has to raise his hands and hold them out to the sides in order to navigate these types of terrain.

Slapstrike is not very fast.

Slapstrike's sonic claps can cause unintentional damage to nearby objects, as well as endanger innocent bystanders. A careless strike has proven to be strong enough to topple over a fully-loaded tanker truck.


Ben 10: Omniverse

Naming and Translations:

Language Name Origin
Portuguese (Br) Tabefe From "tabefe", which means slap.
Russian Слепстрайк From the original English name


  • Slapstrike was first mentioned in Bros in Space.
  • It is currently unknown whether or not Ben can actually transform into Slapstrike, as he made a sarcastic remark saying that the form was in "[his] other Omnitrix".

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