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Slapback is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of an Ekoplektoid from the planet Ekoplekton.[DR 1]


Slapback takes the appearance of a green humanoid frog with grey metallic eyebrows. He wears a blue, black, and white jumpsuit covering all except for his arms and feet, as well as a grey and black mask.

Slapback wears the Omnitrix symbol on his back.

Powers and Abilities

Slapback is capable of duplicating himself to an unknown degree when his back is struck. This can also be accomplish whenever Slapback applied sufficient pressure is on his own back by pressing the Omnitrix symbol. The clones are not linked in any way and can act independently from one another.

Each time he duplicates, the resulting Slapback clones become smaller and stronger by a proportionate amount.[1] It is possible for Slapback to duplicate enough to become as dense as a black hole.[DR 2]

Slapback's clones become denser and more durable the more they multiply, with Slapback quarters being dense enough to harm Bashmouth.[2]

The Slapback clones can fuse back together into the original Slapback form.[1]


Slapback seems unable to control his duplicating power, as each strike on his back forces him to duplicate unwillingly.[1]

The combined weight and mass of each set of Slapback clones may cause issues to his surroundings.[3][4]

Since each of the clones have their own sense of individuality, Slapback can end up fighting himself if incensed.[1]

In his base form, Slapback's arms are sometimes unable to reach his own back.[5]



Ben 10

Season 3

Season 4

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Italian Sdoppione From sdoppione, splitter
Russian Шлепок
From шлепок, slap
From the original English name
Turkish bölgeç from slapback


Slapback's name is a combination of the words "slap" and "back"; this is a reference as to how his duplication powers work: by slapping his back.

A "slapback" is also a kind of doubling echo with relatively long delay between repetitions of the sound, so that the individual echoes can be perceived.


  • Slapback's name was coined by Gwen and approved by Max, Phil, and a Slapback quarter when his quarters held a vote on the name.[1]
    • Ben's proposed names for the alien were "Big Boy" and "Brawno".[1]
  • Slapback replaces Grey Matter.[6]
  • Slapback's frog-like design resembles Bullfrag.
  • Slapback's voice becomes higher pitched the more he duplicates.


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