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Skunkmoth is the AntiTrix's DNA sample of a mutant Lepidopterran from the planet Lepidopterra.


Skunkmoth is an insect humanoid with red skin and wears golden armor. He has a set of wings on his back with a pair of golden pads protecting them. He has a big chin and a grey horn. He is also the same size as Four Arms.

Skunkmoth wears the AntiTrix symbol on his chest.

Powers and Abilities

Skunkmoth shares the same abilities as any other Lepidopterran, such as flight, poison gas, and shooting slime which is orange instead of green.

However, based on Kevin's alterations to the AntiTrix, Skunkmoth is most likely much more powerful than Stinkfly. He also gains body armor that protects even his wings.


Skunkmoth shares the same weaknesses as any other Lepidopterran. Due to Kevin's alterations to the AntiTrix, Skunkmoth is too powerful for the inexperienced Kevin to currently utilize to the fullest.


Season 3


Ben 10

Season 3

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Turkish Kokarca kanat


  • Because they are both based off beetles, elements of Skunkmoth's design resembles that of Eatle from the classic continuity.
  • Skunkmoth is the only AntiTrix alien to share a voice actor with his Omnitrix counterpart.
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