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SixSix is a Sotoraggian bounty hunter who first appeared in Omni-Tricked: Part 2.


In his armor, his feet are hooved. He has violet-red pads covering his central joints, a black belt, and four red violet central lines on his helmet to provide outlines for his face, which are his eyes and mouth. Leg armor is black, and part of his arm armor is black as well. The rest of his arm armor is red-violet. His thigh armor is also violet-red, along with his stomach armor. His chest armor is a light grey color with some black outlines and violet-red pouches. His armor has black outlines around the shoulders and the helmet is black. His neck armor is red-violet and he has two black pouches on his thighs.


Just like Kraab and Tetrax, SixSix is a bounty hunter who will do whatever he needs to do to get paid, whether it's to do something good or bad. This makes him neither a hero or a villain, just a neutral character.


SixSix was introduced in Omni-Tricked: Part 2, when he attacked Ben and Phil along with Kraab and Tetrax. The trio came to retrieve the Omnitrix from Ben, so as to prevent Vilgax from getting hands on it and completing himself.

In Omni-Tricked: Part 3, he came through a portal along with Kraab and Tetrax to fight Vilgax. However, when the trio was defeated they left.

In Bounty Ball, he came through a portal along with Kraab and Tetrax fighting Ben and attempting to take the Omnitrix, but SixSix went back into the portal when Shock Rock defeated him.

Powers and Abilities

SixSix has enhanced agility, helping him fight better and enhanced reflexes that help him dodge attacks from opponents. He is experienced in hand-to-hand combat helping him fight enemies. Combining his agility and combat skills, he is a fierce opponent.


SixSix has tough armor that can take damage without getting scratches or breaking. He has laser guns that he uses to shoot enemies with. He also has a jetpack that he can fly with. His jetpack also has mechanical arms that come with it, and can be used to grab or hurt enemies with. He can also shoot energy nets that can inflict pain upon those trapped in it when the victim moves. He also has an energy whip.


SixSix's mechanical arms can be used against him if his opponent is able to grab them. His energy whips can also be used against them, if his enemy is able to grab it. His energy nets can also be broken.


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