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SixSix (alternatively spelled Six Six) is a genetically mutated Sotoraggian bounty hunter from the planet Sotoragg.[pop-up 1][1]


In his armor, SixSix's feet are hooved. He has purple pads covering his central joints, a belt, and four central lines on his helmet to provide outlines for his face, which are his eyes and mouth. When his black and pink mask is broken, it reveals an ugly, mutant, gray-yellow creature with pink and gray robotic eyes and four arms.

In Omniverse, SixSix looked exactly the same except his jumpsuit is now a much more reddish color, the black highlights are now a dark blue, and the silver armor plating has a blue tint to them too. Most of his pouches are smaller and the ones on his shoulders are no longer sunken in. The pikes on his shoulders became shorter and wider. The chest of his jumpsuit, jet pack, and claws became a silver color.

Occasional Appearances[]

In Secret of the Omnitrix, SixSix wore a disguise consisting of a brown robe and a droopy hat, both partially obscuring his face.


As an assassin, he is motivated solely by money, leading to him working with intergalactic villains such as Vilgax[1] and Psyphon.[2] He is also competitive, going against Kraab and Tetrax,[3] whom he has a long-standing rivalry with. He has low morals, as he is willing to kill innocents to achieve his goal.[1]


Ben 10[]

SixSix first appeared in the episode Hunted, where he, along with his rivals Tetrax and Kraab, were to take the Omnitrix from Ben and give it to Vilgax for the reward, but he and Kraab are defeated by Grey Matter. This led him to develop a personal grudge against Tetrax.[pop-up 2][1]

In The Galactic Enforcers, SixSix teamed up with Vulkanus to steal Element X and Bicenthium Alloy to be combined into a superweapon, but failed.

In Perfect Day, SixSix attacked a bus of schoolgirls alongside Vulkanus in a dream, but was defeated by Diamondhead when his jetpack took damage and crash-landed in a tar pit. He is later seen flaking Enoch alongside Kevin 11 only to be blown back when Ben transformed into Ultra Ben.

In Ben 10: Secret of the Omnitrix, SixSix was a prisoner in Incarcecon, then became Vilgax's helper. His mask was broken completely, revealing that SixSix is an ugly, mutant-like, light gray creature with robotic eyes. SixSix was blasted back by a great source of feedback from the Omnitrix, and knocked out by Tetrax shortly after.


SixSix returned in Vilgax Must Croak where he, SevenSeven, and EightEight were ordered by Attea to take down Vilgax, but failed because Vilgax escaped from them.

In Cough It Up, he, along with his siblings, was hired by Psyphon to get him a precious item. They found Argit (who had the weapon) and fought for it with Ben, Rook and Spanner. He defeated Spanner but was knocked out by Buzzshock when he was about to take Argit. After SevenSeven defeated the rest of them, SixSix was saved by him. At the end of the episode, he was banned from Undertown.

Powers and Abilities[]

SixSix has little arms on his shoulders that he uses to throw his pikes and grenades when using his blasters.


SixSix's armor has pouches which contain weapons like machine guns, twin blaster pistols, electric discs, an energy buzz saw, metal pikes, a whip, an energy sword, a sonic weapon, grenades, rockets and some mounted laser guns built into his jetpack.

SixSix is able to change the strength of his lasers to hurt tougher opponents.[pop-up 3][4]

SixSix's armor has built-in life support systems allowing him to survive in space.[pop-up 4][1]

SixSix has a radar that can track the Omnitrix when it is activated.


SixSix is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Nosedeenian.[2]

Intelligent species such as Galvans can interfere with SixSix's jetpack, causing it to go out of control.[3]


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SixSix's name comes from the caliber of the two laser pistols he carries.[pop-up 5][3]


  • SixSix's armor is built from the shell of an assassin robot that he "gutted".[pop-up 6][3]
  • The rivalry between Tetrax and SixSix goes on well into the future until it is settled in one final showdown.[pop-up 7][1]
  • Nobody voices SixSix in Omniverse.[DJW 1]
  • Dave Johnson designed SixSix,[DJ 1] while Tom Perkins designed how he looked underneath his armor. Originally, he intended for this to be his "true" appearance and it was only explained later that most Sotoraggians did not look like that.[TP 1]
  • On the back of the lenticular card released with his figure during the Original Series, SixSix was stated to be a highly developed android created exclusively as a weapon of war.[merch 1] This was retconned in Secret of the Omnitrix, where it is revealed that he is a mutant Sotoraggian.[5]
  • The idea of SixSix and SevenSeven being brothers only came about during Omniverse. In Alien Force, they were only mentioned as being from the same species.[6][7] Dwayne McDuffie stated that they did not know each other[DM 1] and it was unknown if they were related.[DM 2][5]
  • Both SixSix and SevenSeven are very similar to the character Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise, as all three characters have a suit of armor, a jetpack, many useful weapons for fighting and a helmet that hides their faces. **Additionally, in the Original Series, SixSix's weapons used many sounds directly from Star Wars laser weaponry.



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