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You were no squire, Winston. You died a knight, a Forever Knight. And your death will not be in vain.

Sir George, swearing to avenge Winston.[2]

Winston was a squire of the Forever Knights, who made his first appearance in The Creature From Beyond. After dying in The Beginning of the End, he was posthumously knighted Sir Winston by Sir George.


Winston was a slender young man with short brown hair and light blue eyes. He wore the standard Forever Knights squire's attire: a red tunic with metal arm and leg braces; a belt bearing the Knights' infinity symbol; red boots; and a red half-cape pinned to his shoulder with a yellow button. He carried a short sword in a hilt on his belt in The Beginning of the End, though he never ended up using it.


Winston was quite respectful and well-mannered, something that contributed to Gwen's crush on him.[1]

Winston was very loyal to the Forever Knights' order. He would always obey his superiors, even their orders not to speak out of turn when he knew they were misinformed.[1] When coming out of being controlled as an Esoterica soldier, Winston's first priority was reporting back to Sir Driscoll.[3] Winston easily gave up his life to save Sir George's, and used his dying words to be thankful for serving the order.[2]

Winston also thought very highly of Sir George in particular, and noted as much in his studies of the "First Knight" and the seal.[4][1] Later, while serving as his squire, he was very eager to protect and fight alongside George.[2]


Ultimate Alien[]

In The Creature From Beyond, Winston accompanied Sir Reginald and some Forever Knights to investigate the cave containing the First Knight's seal. Winston studied and decrypted some of the seal's runes, but was interrupted by Reginald attempting to break the seal with a laser drill, thinking it to be a cache of alien weapons. As energy built up in the seal, Winston ran, and went to get Sir Cyrus after hearing an explosion. He and Cyrus returned to the seal to find Ben's team there and, after a brief misunderstanding, joined forces with them to investigate Reginald's disappearance.

They searched the nearby city for missing locals and found a creature called a Lucubra in an alley. After fighting back against them, the Lucubra started running away, and grabbed Winston as it fled. The beast carried Winston's unconscious body to an empty building and began feeding on energy from his brain, along with two other Forever Knights and a civilian. As Kevin and Armodrillo burst into the building to fight the Lucubra, it sent its mind-controlled victims after them. Though Winston tried to fight the creature's influence, he was forced to tackle Kevin. Eventually, Gwen managed to a conjure a spell that sent the Lucubra back to its home dimension, and helped Winston up to his feet, as he and the other victims were reeling from the Lucubra's effects. After Winston was commanded to return to Cyrus' side, and reprimanded for "fraternizing with the enemy", his eyes briefly glowed the characteristic turquoise of the Lucubra's slaves, but he shrugged it off.

AKtR (327)

Winston controlled by Dagon

In A Knight to Remember, Winston was under Dagon's control as an Esoterica and fought Ben and a group of Plumbers, allowing Conduit Edwards to escape with Vilgax (pretending to be Dagon). As the only remining Esoterica, the trio unmask and question him. Winston had no memory of being an Esoterica and was eager to report back to Sir Driscoll; which Ben took the opportunity to be led to the Knights. Winston genuflected and asked for forgiveness for dishonoring the order. Driscoll declared Winston a traitor and called for Cyrus to kill him. Before, he could, Ben took the knife out of Cyrus' hand. Winston then accompanied Cyrus and Driscoll's party to the Flame Keepers' Circle's teleporting shrine in Scotland and met up with Sir George there. As Winston marched to the shrine behind them all, he suddenly fell under Dagon's control again, and silently slipped away between dimensions before the Esoterica would ambush the Knights. After Vilgax obtained Ascalon and the Dagon's heart, Dagon spoke to Vilgax through Winston, enticing him with power that awaited him behind the seal. Once Vilgax broke the seal and Dagon returned to full strength, Winston was assumedly let go.

In The Beginning of the End, Winston joined the Knights in the war against the Dagon. He served George, who was leading the charge to the seal and fighting through waves of Esoterica. Winston was eager to protect and fight, but George easily overpowered all those who came after him. Winston lamented not being able to help, but George kept his hopes up that the time for his help may yet come. As they pressed on, Conduit Edwards appeared and attempted to kill George from behind with a powerful blast of energy. Winston saw this and leapt in front of the blast. After George dispatched of Edwards, he held Winston. Winston's dying words were of how honored he was to be George's squire. George declared that he was no squire and told him he died a true Forever Knight.

Powers and Abilities[]

As a human, Winston had no special powers or abilities. He was, however, smart; and was brought in by Sir Reginald to study the seal. He took pictures and wrote extensive notes on it and was able to deduce that the First Knight forged it 17 centuries ago. He also attempted to decode the seal's runes, though he didn't read them properly and, like Reginald, mistook the seal to be a vault of some sort.[1]

He was also perceptive enough to notice Conduit Edwards' attempt to take Sir George's life and was physically fast enough to jump in the way.[2]


Like any normal human, Winston was vulnerable to being mind-controlled by both Lucubra and Dagon.


Love Interests[]

Gwen Tennyson[]

TCfB (98)

Gwen introducing herself to Winston

Gwen and Winston engaged in a discussion about the Seal, and Winston shared his notes on the Seal with her. Kevin was jealous of how the two had bonded, and that she considered him cute.[1]


Ultimate Alien[]

Season 3[]



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