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Now I shall become the Forever King of the world!

– Driscoll obtaining the Sub-Energy.[1]

Sir Driscoll was a member of the Forever Knights who first appeared in Perfect Day.


Driscoll is a semi-bald man with black hair, blue eyes and a short beard.

In the original series, Driscoll possessed a high-tech suit of power armor.

In Ultimate Alien, Driscoll wore the standard full plate armor of the Forever Knights before later upgrading to more powerful armor after Sir George united the Forever Knight factions.


Driscoll can come off as arrogant and sadistic person, as he intended on abandoning both the Forever Knights and the Negative 10 after getting the Sub-Energy.[1] When he either has no use for people or no tolerance for their weaknesses, he will stab them in the back whenever necessary, such as when he decided to leave Enoch trapped in his dream machine as failure for eliminating Ben Tennyson.[2]

Like other Forever Knights, Driscoll despises aliens. At times, Driscoll has shown to have a little sense of honor, as shown after Ben defeats him.[3]



Driscoll was once a veteran Plumber who was kicked out of the organization when it was discovered that he was stealing advanced technology from alien perps and using it for his own benefit. Joining the Forever Knights, he worked his way up the ranks to Forever King before creating a splinter group with the desire to conquer the world and gain revenge on the Plumbers.[1]

At some point, Driscoll created a robotic Forever Knight-motif ninja to be his bodyguard.[pop-up 1]

Ben 10[]

Driscoll first appeared at the end of Perfect Day, where he told a Forever Knight not to release Enoch from the dream machine because he has failed him long enough, and that he will deal with Ben Tennyson himself.

Sometime later, Driscoll created a group of Ben's enemies called the Negative 10, consisting of himself, the Red Knight, Dr. Animo, Charmcaster, Rojo, Clancy, Sublimino and the Circus Freak Trio.

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 1, Driscoll received the first of two keys needed to obtain the Sub-Energy from the Circus Freak Trio and Sublimino. He would later receive the second key from Animo, Charmcaster, Rojo, and Clancy. When the Negative 10 converged with the Ben, Gwen, Max, and their tag-along Cooper at Mt. Rushmore, Driscoll introduces the Tennysons and Cooper to the Negative 10.

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, the Tennysons escape most of the Negative 10's assaults before hiding out in the Plumber base within Mt. Rushmore, though Sublimino hypnotized Cooper to attack the Tennysons. After dealing with Cooper, the Tennysons worked together and took down most of the Negative 10. However, Driscoll's real motive was to take the Sub-Energy and use it to power up his suit to take over the world. However, Upchuck ate the Sub-Energy and defeated Driscoll. However, Max suspected that Driscoll managed to escape as only his Forever King armor was left behind.

Ultimate Alien[]

In The Purge, Driscoll and the other Forever Knight faction leaders were summoned by Sir George. Although he initially attacked the old man, Driscoll stopped once he realized who George really was and agreed to serve him, swearing loyalty to the "Founder of Our Order, The Original Forever Knight."

Later, while leading a group of Forever Knights to capture aliens, Driscoll was challenged by Ben to honorable combat over the fate of the prisoners, which Ultimate Spidermonkey won. Despite this, Driscoll refused to let the aliens go, ordering the Forever Knights to kill them. However, after a powerful death threat from Ben, Driscoll and his Knights withdrew. Driscoll apologized to George for his failure, who said that it was not important and put him in charge of the Knights while he left on a sacred journey.

In A Knight to Remember, Driscoll and Sir Cyrus inspect the arrival of a new piece of equipment when Ben appears and disarms the Knights as Fasttrack. After a brief discussion about traitors within the Forever Knights, Ben's team show up with a captured Sir Winston, who was apparently mind controlled by the Dagon. An enraged Driscoll orders the execution of Winston before Ben interrupts it, asking for answers. Driscoll tells them the legendary story of "Saint George and the Dragon". Driscoll allows Ben and the team to decipher the calculations left behind by George, revealing where he was heading. After they do so, Driscoll personally stuns the trio before leading Cyrus and several Knights to George's location.

Upon reuniting with George, the group journeys into the shrine where the Dagon's heart and Ascalon are kept. They are ambushed by the Flame Keepers' Circle. Driscoll and Cyrus battle Conduit Edwards but are defeated by him. Later, Driscoll attempts to help George stop Vilgax from breaking open Dagon's seal.[4][5] Driscoll was killed by Vilgax after confronting him at the seal from which the Lucubra emerged from.[DJW 1]

Powers and Abilities[]


In the original series, Driscoll used a power suit that gave him enhanced strength, durability and could project energy blasts from his gloves. When he used the Sub-Energy to enhance his powers, he could fire staggering energy blasts from his helmet's visor. However, the power suit was destroyed when Upchuck ate the Sub-Energy and shot it at him.

In Ultimate Alien, Driscoll wears another set of powered armor, but sometimes without head covering. It greatly enhances his strength, gives him enhanced durability and harnesses energy beams through his gloves. He also uses an energy lance, sword and a hovercycle while in battle.


Ben 10[]

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Ultimate Alien[]

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Cartoon Network Action Packs[]

Ultimate Alien[]


  • When Driscoll appeared in Ultimate Alien without his Forever King armor from the Original Series, he seemed younger and with a lighter skin tone.


Derrick J. Wyatt[]


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