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Simon Sez is a character who first appeared in Adventures in Babysitting.


Simon mochila

Simon is an African-American 6 year old child. His hair resembles an afro. His front teeth can be seen at all times. He wears red and yellow shirt with a white "1" on his chest. He wears a backpack that acts as his source of power.


Simon is a spoiled child that tends to manipulate people to get what he wants. He constantly nags people until they give him what he wants, and if they don't, he will go on a rampage with his backpack, which somehow gives him a robotic suit.

He considers Ben to be his best friend, and Billy Billions to be his hero.


It is unknown as to how Simon acquired his backpack, or how he upgraded it. In Adventures in Babysitting, Simon was introduced, along with his brother Ryan, and their grandmother, Maxine. Ben and the others were warned about Simon's addiction to a type of juice that was causing his spoiled-nature, but they did not heed the warning until the last minute. As expected, Simon goes on a rampage, destroying some of the landscape, while defeating Ben multiple times. Ryan eventually comes to the rescue, giving Simon his juice. Simon & co. eventually depart from the area.


Simon has a backpack that he can use to activate a robotic suit. His robotic suit was manufactured by Billy Billions' corporation and eventually discontinued.


Simon's spoiled nature can weaken the effectiveness of his robotic suit, as his demands for juice tend to distract him. His robotic suit cannot run without batteries.



Simon's full name is a play on the phrase "Simon says", a game where a person tells other people commands using the phrase.

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