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Shock Rock is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Fulmini from Fulmas.


Shock Rock's body appears to mainly consist of blue energy. There are four retractable[merchandise 1] spikes protruding from both of his shoulders. His arms are rather large, stretching down nearly to his feet in resting position. His arms, chest, and legs are rock-like. His eyes are green and a moss-like substance can be seen around his neck and shoulders.

Shock Rock wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.

While under the influence of the High Override, Shock Rock's energy turned purple and he gained a cape. His spikes were sharper and his head shape was different.

In Welcome to Zombozo-Zone!, Shock Rock wore armored shin guards, shoulder pads, and wrist guards alongside a helmet with a green feather.

Powers and Abilities

  • Bluemerang
  • Energy Bat
  • Energy Force Field
  • Energy Chainsaw
  • Energy Cage
  • Energy Sword and Shield
  • Energy Lasso
  • Energy Slingshot
  • Energy Battering Ram
  • Energy Spear
  • Energy Hammer
  • Energy Machete
  • Energy Bicycle
  • Energy Absorption
  • Enhanced Durability

Shock Rock has the ability to release strong, blue electrical charges from any part of his body, which he can use to construct various weapons and tools such as a boomerang (dubbed a "bluemerang") [1] and a shield.[2]

Shock Rock is able to absorb external sources of energy, such as Vilgax's optical lasers.[3]

Shock Rock can power up and enhance machines with the use of his electricity.[4]

Shock Rock has indestructible stone armor and possesses enhanced strength.

Although Shock Rock has not trained himself to do so, other Fulmini can generate wormholes.


Shock Rock can inadvertently give his enemies an energy boost if the machine he is charging up is a trap for his power to siphon through.[4]

Shock Rock is vulnerable to being controlled by a superior member of his species, such as the High Override.[5]

Shock Rock's constructs can unintentionally electrocute humans who come in contact with them.[6][7]



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Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Italian Roccia Shock from roccia, rock and shock
Polish Skalniak From skała, rock
Portuguese (Br) Choque Rochoso From choque, shock and rochoso, rocky
Russian Шок-Рок From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Shock (promos and Alien Worlds) Abbreviation of Shock Rock.


  • His silhouette first appeared on the Omnitrix's newly-upgraded dial at the end of Omni-Tricked: Part 4.
  • Shock Rock's name is sometimes misspelled as "Shockrock", such as in the Alien Worlds short for his home planet of Fulmas.
  • Shock Rock replaces Upgrade in the active playlist.[8]
  • For marketing purposes, Shock Rock is considered an Omni-Enhanced alien. As such, his toy is sold as Omni-Enhanced Shock Rock.[merchandise 2]
  • Despite being introduced in the Reboot Continuity, Shock Rock has been confirmed to exist in the Classic Continuity.[DR 1]



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