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The Sheriff of Bellwood was a lazy, stereotypical cartoon-watching sheriff who wasn't entirely clean or smart.


The sheriff has a fair complexion, brown hair, glasses and a black mustache. He has a brown cowboy hat with a black band. He wears a police uniform which consists of a tan shirt with various badges, a black tie, brown pants, black shoes and a belt with multiple greyish-blue pockets.


The sheriff is lazy, slow and somewhat corrupt. He refuses to pick up cases that would ruin something even if it's a matter of property damage or human lives. The sheriff always had a crossword puzzle with him that he could never even start. Once he was hit by the evolution ray he became more serious and much more intelligent. Before his evolution, he was shown enjoying cartoons.


In The Eggman Cometh, Ben's Team went to see the sheriff in order to report Dr. Animo and his Mutant Chickens. The sheriff was concentrating more on a crossword puzzle than listening to them and stated that "on paper, Dr. Animo is a legitimate businessman" and news of dragon monsters getting out would ruin the opening of the new foundry. He then kicks them out, but before that he asks Ben if his aliens have green cards.

Later, at the foundry, he told the team to leave the place or they could ruin everything. However, the investors were scared away by Animo's mutants and the team proceeded.

At the end of the episode, he was watching cartoons in his office when he was hit by the evolution beam. He immediately turned off the television and picked up his crossword puzzle. He completed it in seconds and was amazed by his newfound intelligence.

Powers and Abilities

After he was hit by the evolution ray, he gained genius-level intellect, shown when he was able to solve his crossword without hesitation and enhanced dexterity as he managed to fill it in two seconds.


Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

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