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SevenSeven is a Sotoraggian bounty hunter from the planet Sotoragg.[pop-up 1][2] He first appeared in X = Ben + 2.


SevenSeven wears a suit of armor that looks similar to that of his younger brother SixSix.


As a bounty hunter, SevenSeven is motivated solely by money, leading to him working with intergalactic villains. Because of this, he will easily switch teams or work with the target to offered enough. He has low morals, as he is willing to kill innocents to achieve his goal.


Alien Force

In X = Ben + 2, SevenSeven was hired by an unknown client to capture Attea,[DM 1] the daughter of the Incursean emperor Milleous, and held her for ransom. When the ransom was paid, however, Attea offered him twice as much to help her overthrow her father. During a fight with Swampfire, SevenSeven's helmet was damaged, forcing him to retreat.

Ultimate Alien

In Hit 'Em Where They Live, SevenSeven was among several villains (including Zombozo, Charmcaster, and Vulkanus) who attempted to take revenge on Ben. He was seen targeting Sandra Tennyson, but fought Max Tennyson instead when he showed up. He ended up flying away when Max stuck a knife into his jetpack, causing it to malfunction.

In The Big Story, SevenSeven fought Gwen, Kevin, and Rath. He ended up being tied to a street lamp, and then being left there.


SevenSeven with SixSix, Attea and EightEight

In Vilgax Must Croak, SevenSeven was hired by the Incurseans along with his siblings to kill Vilgax. The three of them, along with Attea, were defeated by Vilgax in moments when they were finally able to confront him directly.

In Special Delivery, SevenSeven was one of many villains seen at an auction in Undertown.

In OTTO Motives, SevenSeven was seen with TwoTwo on Khoros.

In Cough It Up, SevenSeven and his siblings were hired by Psyphon to get him a precious item. They found Argit (who had the weapon) and fought for it with Ben, Rook and Spanner. SevenSeven defeated Buzzshock and shot Rook in order to get out with Argit. Later, he fought against Rook. At the end of the episode he got banned from Undertown.

Powers and Abilities

SevenSeven is like a non-mutant cyborg, but it can be seen that he was experimented on, as he had nano-robots infused into his hands so they could transform them into weapons, like some androids do. He can transform both of his hands into cannons that fire laser discs, energy beams, and laser machine gun bullets. Also, like his brother, he has small stubby arms in his shoulders, which he extends out of openings in his armor. He also seems to have some degree of enhanced strength and durability.


As well as what is mentioned above, SevenSeven also has many other useful weapons, including a energy buzz-saw, homing heat-seeking missiles, sharp metal pikes, retractable energy brass knuckles that can stop a rolling Arburian Pelarota and short-range flash-bang grenades. His suit has a built in jetpack and laser blasters on long flexible cables similar to his brother's. He also possesses an energy blade that is powerful enough to break through Gwen's Mana barriers, but can be destroyed by Rath's teeth.


Like his siblings, he does not speak English, even if he talks to aliens who do, but they are shown to be able to understand him.

SevenSeven is scared of Methanosians like Swampfire.[DM 2]


Alien Force

Season 1

Ultimate Alien

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Season 3

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Cartoon Network Action Packs


Video Games

SevenSeven appears in the video game Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction on the Devil's Peak level, part 2. He is one of the bounty hunters hired by the Evil Way Big to take the Potis Altiare, an alien artifact created by Azmuth's ancestors that can upgrade the Ultimatrix. After an attempt to defeat Ben by shooting him, he fights Ben himself but is easily defeated, but he escapes. In the DS Version, Ben encounters him at the top of the Great Wall of China.

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) SevenSeven (Ben 10: Alien Force)
Sietesiete (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien and Ben 10: Omniverse)
From the original English name.
From sietesete, SevenSeven.


  • SevenSeven modeled his armor after SixSix.[DJW 1]
  • SevenSeven was not redesigned in Omniverse[DJW 2] because Derrick J. Wyatt himself had designed him for Alien Force.[DJW 3]
  • The idea of SixSix and SevenSeven being brothers only came about during Omniverse. In Alien Force, they were only mentioned as being from the same species.[3][4] Dwayne McDuffie stated that they did not know each other[DM 3] and it was unknown if they were related.[DM 4]
  • Both SevenSeven and SixSix are very similar to the character Boba Fett from the Star Wars franchise, as all three characters have a suit of armor, a jetpack, many useful weapons for fighting and a helmet that hides their faces.



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