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Proctor Servantis is the leader of the Rooters and a former Proctor-ranked Plumber.


As a human, Servantis was a tall, exceptionally pale man with a pointed beard and no hair. He had black eyes with dark outlines around them.

As a Cerebrocrustacean hybrid, Servantis has pale orange skin, a large head and wears black Proto-Tech Armor. His eyebrows and beard are pointed, similar to Dr. Psychobos'. He has spikes on the sides of his head. His eyes are red and he also has a red crystal on the middle of his head. He can open his scaled head which unveils his brain. He has three claws on each of his hands with the same colorization as his brain-covering scale.


In his first appearance, Servantis is arrogant and cruel to his fellow Plumbers, talking down to them, and even using his mental powers to painfully take what he wants from their minds.

It is ultimately revealed that his actions are the result of him believing that Ben is a threat to the entire universe, stemming from an underlying fear that power like the Omnitrix should never have come into the hands of someone like him.

Fearing such an outcome would bring devastation to the universe (fears inadvertently proven true). But in order to stop this perceived "threat", Servantis is willing to resort to any means no matter how amoral or cruel, such as using innocents as test subjects and weapons to destroy Ben, and forcefully altering the memories of others. He shows little to no remorse for these acts, and in some cases, even deep pleasure.

While cunning and taciturn, Proctor Servantis has little to no patience for ineptitude from his subordinates. Showing considerable fury at the failure of his elite unit in eliminating of Ben. But he wasn't so blinded by rage that he couldn't see opportunity in this.

In sending the Amalgam operatives back to Earth without memory of their prior lives, Servantis had created the perfect sleeper agents to get close enough to the target so as to have a serpent at the heart of the problem. Being shrewd in playing on Max Tennyson's compassion to coax his raising and nurturing the potential assassins of his grandson.

Indicating he has enough hindsight & foresight to think in the long term rather than rush blinding for abysmal results. Showing a considerable amount of patience, strategic thinking and natural psychological intuition on his part.



Servantis once was a Plumber scientist who became the Proctor of the Plumbers' black ops wing in the Null Void, the Rooters. He took human children and aliens into the Null Void in order to conduct genetic experiments on them using his ingenious designs. One day, upon Kevin's escape from Incarcecon after stabilizing his powers, the troubled penal dimension inmate would find himself in the proctor's care. Servantis immediately understood the significance of Kevin's unique genetic anomaly, one which would enable the creation of numerous hybrids whom he trained through a host of gritty, under the table missions throughout the Null Void. All for the express purpose of readying and amassing resources in preparation to destroy Ben, whom; having most likely learned of him through Kevin's interactions, he believed to be a threat to the universe at the time. After the Amalgam Kids failed to kill Ben, Servantis deemed the whole mission a failure, he erased the Ben 10 hit squad's memories and sent them back to Earth.


In The Rooters of All Evil, Servantis opens a portal from the Null Void to the Plumber HQ. He tells the Plumbers that he came for Kevin Levin. He sends two of his agents after Kevin but when they fail, he goes after him too. After capturing him, in the HQ, the Plumbers attack the Rooters to make sure that Kevin can flee safely. After he reads everybody's minds and discovers no one knows where Kevin is, he goes back to the Null Void. Before he leaves, he says that there is a threat to the entire universe that Ben can't possibly understand, which is eventually revealed to be Ben himself.

In Weapon XI, he brainwashed HelenManny and Alan into destroying Ben and apparently convinced Kevin to rejoin the Rooters, but Kevin was just pretending to be with the Rooters and destroyed the crystal on his forehead, freeing the Amalgam Kids from his control. The Magistrata has his Plumber status revoked along with the other Rooters, and with their base confiscated and teleported away, they are left stranded in the Null Void and at the mercy of the Way Bads.

Powers and Abilities

  • Electrokinesis/Openable Cranium
  • Electric Beams
  • Enhanced Intelligence

Before his mutation, Servantis was a genius scientist who was able to build advanced machinery to fulfill any number of black book tasks. One of which could turn humans into alien hybrids with the right conduit to channel and transfer differing energies between two hosts.

After becoming half Cerebrocrustacean, Servantis's intellect swelled to new heights. He'd also gained the ability to read minds, communicate telepathically, filter out reality and weaken people by using his newfound mental powers.

The proctor's enhanced brain enables him to feel and sense the goings on outside of his immediate surroundings, as Gwen figured he'd become aware that the universe outside of the Null Void was destroyed not too long ago. He also has electrokinesis and is able to shoot electric beams from his cranium. Servantis also shows an avid manipulation of matter and other supernatural phenomena via electrical psychokinetic manipulation.

Being able to erect potent force fields, levitate, move objects/people with his thoughts, deactivate Kevin's absorption based transformations at a glance and even alter memories from across dimensions.

Servantis can brainwash people to do his dirty work, maintaining altered psychological mindsets for years on end. Having done so with Kevin Levin and his old associates long after he'd released them from the Rooter's service. He could even influence keen minds, such as Max Tennyson, into looking after the Proctors hit squad for him through precise memory alteration and characteristic exploitation.

Even without these facilities he remains skillful in the art of manipulating others. Being very charismatic in pushing personal perception, as shown in convincing the formerly sociopathic & paranoid Kevin into doing his bidding.


He can't control Kevin's thoughts, therefore making him harder to manipulate as Kevin than the other Amalgam Kids. He can only be used as a conduit.

From being part Cerebrocrustacean, it can be assumed that Servantis has some of the same weaknesses as any Cerebrocrustacean.


Ben 10: Omniverse

Season 6


Servantis comes from the word servāns which means maintaining or saving.

A Proctor (his rank) is a person who monitors students during an examination or an officer (usually one of two) at certain universities, appointed annually and having mainly disciplinary functions.



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