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Sergeant Smythe is the future version of Steam Smythe.


Smythe looks the same as his present-day counterpart except the left side of his face is now metallic and his mustache has turned into a white beard. His hair is also the same color as his beard.


Compared to his younger self, Smythe now tolerates modern technology and even admires it at times, though due to his past usage of the Clocktopus, Smythe is slightly obsessed with tentacles.


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Powers and Abilities

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His younger self has built many steampunk technological items. He built the Clocktopus, a bicycle plane, his own hot air balloon, robots, and more. His older self has also been shown to be very knowledgeable, which is the reason Future Gwen recruited him. This shows that he is extremely intelligent. He is also very skilled in combat as he was able to take on Humungousaur in a duel. Steamsmythe is also extremely durable being able to survive falls from all the way up into the clouds and survive being thrown a very long distance by future Fourarms.


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