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I am Serena, the Voice of Love and Compassion.

– Serena.[1]

Serena is Alien X's voice of love and compassion.


In Alien Force and Ultimate Alien, Serena looked like a female green human face with very realistic features.

In Omniverse, she has eyelashes, eyebrows and a more humanoid nose and a smoother face.


Serena is a moral manifestation within Alien X together with counterparts Bellicus and Ben Tennyson. She represents the voice of love and compassion and thus is often calm and peaceful with the known exception in the presence of Professor Paradox.

Unlike her counterpart Bellicus, she is sometimes (though not fully) intrigued by Ben Tennyson's will and ideas for Alien X; this suspends unanimous agreement between the three parties.

Serena is generally naïve, sensitive, and emotional. Consequently, she is often seen arguing with Bellicus about what is best to do. Despite this, it takes slightly less persuasion to convince Serena of ideas than with Bellicus.


Alien Force

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Serena first appeared in the episode X = Ben + 2 when Ben transformed into Alien X, and Ben quickly discovered he was locked inside the form because of the eternal debates between the two entities who control its body, Serena and Bellicus.

Ultimate Alien

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Powers and Abilities

Serena, along with Bellicus (and by extension Ben), has the ability to warp reality.


Due to Alien X not being able to do anything without a consensus from two of the three parts (in Omniverse, all three) of its personality, Serena is relatively powerless on her own.

Serena, like all Celestialsapien personalities, can be terrified by Toepick's face.[DJW 1]


Alien Force

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Ultimate Alien

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Video Games


Serena's name seems to be derived or based off "serene", meaning calm and tranquil, which describes much of Serena's personality.


  • Serena thinks Pluto should have been a planet instead of a dwarf planet.[2]
  • Serena seems to have a fondness of the dinosaurs, as she wants to prevent their extinction.[2]
    • Serena's tabled motion to save the dinosaurs was argument number 18 million and 3 (18,000,003).[2]
  • Serena was designed by Derrick J. Wyatt in both Alien Force and Omniverse.[DJW 2][DJW 3]
  • Serena and Bellicus are sort of part of Alien X's DNA.[DM 1]
    • Serena and Bellicus probably exist in alternate versions of Alien X.[DJW 4]
    • Albedo's version of Serena would be named "Kursika" and appear red in color.[DJW 5]


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