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The Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur was trapped inside the Ultimatrix as Ultimate Humungousaur until he was freed by Azmuth and Ben.


The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur looks just like Ultimate Humungousaur, except he has red eyes and lacks the evolved Ultimatrix symbol on his chest.


The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur is much more different than Ben is when he is Ultimate Humungousaur because he has a conscience of his own (caused by a malfunction in the Ultimatrix). He is merciless and ruthless as he repeatedly punched the Red Robot even when he gave up. During a therapy session with Dr. Borges, it is revealed that his mother tried to eat him before he hatched (despite the fact that he was made by the Ultimatrix and just a reflection of Ben, so he can't have a mother), which might be the cause of his unbridled rage and aggression.

Due to a malfunction in the ultimatrix, him and the other ultimates wanted freedom from the Ultimatrix in The Ultimate Sacrifice, so they tried to sacrifice Ben. After Ben sacrificed himself, he and the Ultimates were released from the Ultimatrix and Ben was rescued by Azmuth. The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur said that he was wrong about Ben being evil, and reconciled with his "jailer".


In The Ultimate Sacrifice, the sentient Ultimate Humungousaur, along with the other Ultimates (except Ultimate Wildmutt and Ultimate Way Big), convinced Ben to sacrifice himself so they could be free from the Ultimatrix. Ben tried to, but the Ultimatrix spared his life and freed the Ultimates for his heroic actions. Azmuth sent them to a planet where they could live in peace after the Sentient Ultimates reconciled with their former "jailer".

Powers and Abilities

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur is exponentially stronger than regular Vaxasaurians, even when at full size. He is strong enough to lift and throw a To'kustar in record timing[1] and make a giant crater in the ground by punching it.[2]

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur has very durable armor plating throughout his body, giving him enhanced durability combined with his thick skin.

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur can transform his hands into bio-gatling guns that shoot missiles, which deal major damage and can even damage and knock out a Petrosapien.[3]

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur's tail has a mace-like structure at the tip, which can be used as a flail.

Like regular Vaxasaurians, the sentient Ultimate Humungousaur can survive in the vacuum of space for a short time and can create shock waves by clapping his hands.


The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur lacks his devolved counterpart's ability to change his size.[DM 1][DM 2][DM 3]

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur's missiles can be absorbed by Conductoids.[3]

Like regular Vaxasaurians, the sentient Ultimate Humungousaur is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Conductoid.[3]

Despite his enhanced strength, the sentient Ultimate Humungousaur can still get muscle cramps, meaning his strength has a limit.[4] He is also physically weaker than Atomix's species, as Atomix easily defeated Ultimate Humungousaur.[5]

The sentient Ultimate Humungousaur can be harmed by magic.[1]


Ultimate Alien

Season 3


  • Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur was the first Ultimate to rebel against Ben, and appears to be the leader of the Sentient Ultimate Forms.
  • Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur claimed to have had a mother that tried to eat him. Since he was created by the Ultimatrix, it is unknown why he would have (or thinks he had) a mother.
  • Sentient Ultimate Humungousaur's helmet appears in the episode Of Predators and Prey: Part 2 as a trophy on Khyber's Ship alongside a Vaxasaurian skull implying that Khyber killed him.[DJW 1]


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