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Segmentasapiens are a species from the planet Polyominus.


Being organosillicon-based life forms with segmented hardened quasi-organic polymer skin, Segmentasapiens' bodies are made up of individual blocks that they can rearrange at will. A Segmentasapien's appearance is similar to a gorilla made out of building blocks that come in three main colors, with black lines all over their bodies with large fists and curved feet.

Whenever Segmentasapiens walk, either they bring their feet up and put it in front of them on the ground or walk with their arms in front and legs in the back almost like a human.

Powers and Abilities

Segmentasapiens' shapeshifting powers allow them to transform into multiple things, such as a dome. If their bodies are damaged or broken, they can easily reform the broken pieces immediately.

Segmentasapiens can generate and form more blocks on their body at will, either to create constructs of blocks or change themselves into a larger construct.

Segmentasapiens can willingly detach parts of their body to get out of certain situations.

Segmentasapiens can extend their arms to great lengths on their own without creating more blocks to make them longer. This allows them to easily transfer big gaps and cover more ground when walking on their hands.

Segmentasapiens have enhanced strength, enough to remove any of the alternate Omnitrices on Alien X's body.[1]

Segmentasapiens are very dense and durable, as Bloxx was able to survive multiple boulders being thrown at him without breaking.[1]

Similar to Arburian Pelarotas, Segmentasapiens can encase people or objects inside their body. They also also gains similar abilities to Arburian Pelarotas when in their sphere form, such as increased speed and being able to see where they are going when rolling around.

Segmentasapiens can detach and shoot their fists at enemies, as shown when Bloxx launched one of his fists at Alien X.[1]

Segmentasapiens can entrap enemies in detachable blocks that can be separated from their body. In Bloxx's case, their will remain intact even when Bloxx turns back into Ben. The blocks seem to be able to change shape based of its prisoner's size, as shown when it turned into handcuffs from a large body-sized restraint after Alien X turned back into Evil Ben.[1]


Despite their shape-changing abilities, Segmentasapiens can be broken when hit with enough force, but can easily rebuild themselves right after.

While Segmentasapien is highly durable to an extent, their still feels pain, as seen when Bloxx endured raining boulders.[1]

Beings that can become intangible, such as Ectonurites, can easily phase through Segmentasapiens if they traps them in their dome form.

Segmentasapiens are vulnerable to acidic substances, whether it be liquid or gaseous.

Notable Segmentasapiens


A part of their species name describes what they do, which is creating different objects in segments.


  • Segmentasapiens were first confirmed to exist within the Reboot Timeline by Duncan Rouleau, who explained on Twitter that all Classic Omnitrix aliens exist within the Omnitrix.[DR 1]


Duncan Rouleau

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