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Segmentasapiens are a species from the planet Polyominus.


Segmentasapiens' appearance is similar to a gorilla made out of building blocks that come in three main colors, with black lines all over their bodies with large fists and curved feet.

Whenever Segmentasapiens walk, either they bring their feet up and put it in front of them on the ground or walk with their arms in front and legs in the back almost like a Human.

Segmentasapiens from Dimension 23 are white, light blue, and gray instead of red, yellow, and blue.


Segmentasapiens are one of the oldest lifeforms in the universe and are quite literally the building blocks of their civilization, capable of rearranging their matter at the sub-atomic level to create a vast variety of shapes and forms. They evolved this way in response to near-constant invasions of their strategically located homeworld, Polyominus, by seemingly every early warring alien species. To avoid detection by so many violent interlopers, Segmentasapiens began to transform themselves into the very architecture of their planet. In this way, they could remain hidden in plain sight as army after army over the centuries marched through or even occupied their eerily abandoned, medieval-style walled cities, finding not a single living creature—because the living creatures are the cities.

Segmentasapiens are in fact so rarely seen in their true form that many consider them to be only a myth.[OVBible 1]

Powers and Abilities

A Segmentasapien's shapeshifting powers allow them to transform into multiple things, such as a wall, catapult, cage, etc. If their body is damaged or broken, they can easily reform the broken pieces immediately.

Segmentasapiens can form more blocks on their bodies, either to grow in size, create constructs of blocks, or change themselves into a larger construct.

Segmentasapiens can willingly detach parts of their bodies to get out of certain situations.[1]

Segmentasapiens can turn their hands into guns,[2] and fire explosive blocks from them as projectiles.[3] The blocks are also painful to step on, as seen when Humungousaur used them to pain Khyber as Tyrannopede into releasing him from his mouth.[4]

Segmentasapiens have enhanced strength, as Bloxx was able to punch into a Dimension 12 robot and shut it down,[1] pull rocks straight out of the ground,[5] and carry Fistrick.[6] They are also very dense and durable.[7]

Similar to Arburian Pelarotas, Segmentasapiens can encase people or objects inside their bodies, as shown when Bloxx protected Rook from dying in the Earth's atmosphere.[8]

Because they are made of building blocks, Segmentasapiens can survive in the vacuum of space. They are also immune to extremely high amounts of heat and radiation, as seen when Bloxx fell through Earth's atmosphere.[8]


Despite their shape-changing abilities, Segmentasapiens can be broken when hit with enough force, but can easily rebuild themselves right after.

Beings that can become intangible, such as Ectonurites, can easily phase through Segmentasapiens if they trap them in their dome form.[3]

While Segmentasapiens are highly durable to an extent, they still feel pain, as seen when Bloxx was being beaten down by Negative Ultimate Humungousaur.[9] Similarly, plummeting through Earth's atmosphere may cause them great discomfort.[8]

Segmentasapiens are vulnerable to acidic substances, whether it be liquid[10] or gaseous.[11]

Like any other organic beings, Segmentasapiens are vulnerable to being erased from existence by a Chronosapien Time Bomb.[11]


Segmentsapiens eat a mixture of organic and inorganic foods.[DJW 1]

Notable Segmentasapiens

Notable Segmentasapien Hybrids


A part of their species name describes what they do, which is creating different objects in segments.


  • The creative team hoped that they could have gotten a chance to explore Segmentasapiens a bit further compared to what was shown on-screen.[DJW 2]


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