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Scottie Fang, also known as Hal Kazam, is the manager of Laser Town and is the son of Fang.


Scottie is a pale man with pink-dyed mullet. His face is covered with white makeup with a magenta rectangle over his eyes. He wears a dark purple shirt with a giant yellow star on the middle with argyle purple and green sleeves, white pants and dark purple shoes that are lighter on the bottom.

In The Hex Factor, he wore a purple tux with a light purple vest and a yellow bowtie, plus a top hat matching with the outfit.


Scottie always talk in a British accent.

Scottie is a bit moody and aggressive when people annoy him, like destroying his Laser Town.

Scottie shows a very impressive side when Hex was showing off his magic, trying to convince Shasta Faye of how awesome Hex was. However, he can have a snobby judgmental attitude, as shown when Hex does his first performance for initiation.

When it relates to his dad Fang, Scottie gets furious on Fang for loving laser tag or the Tri-Fang more than him.



Once when he was young on his birthday, he wanted to beat the champion record in Laser Town until his father Fang stole the spotlight and became champion, ruining their relationship and vowing revenge ever since.

Ben 10

Scottie first appeared in Don't Laze Me, Bro, where he worked at the Laser Town building that Ben, Gwen and Billy Billions played in. After the match ended, he banned them and Max from Laser Town for nearly destroying the building.

In Ye Olde Laser Duel, Scottie was fooled by Team Tennyson wearing fake mustaches so they can get in the Laser Town he worked at to duel Steam Smythe. It is also shown that his ban extends to Ben's aliens.

In The Hex Factor, Scottie was one of the higher members for the exclusive magic club along with Shasta Fay.

In De-Fanged!, Scottie attempted to get revenge on Fang by rigging the virtual reality laser tag game so that Kevin could be champion. After his father apologizes for his past actions, Scottie helps Team Tennyson and Fang defeat Kevin.


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  • His appearance and outfit are based off of 1980's Glam Rock-style celebrities. Matching up with Laser Town's theme of a 1980's Apocalypse.
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