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Sangerosia is the extremely hostile penal colony-like home planet of the Zaroffians.[OV Brief 1]


Sangerosia is a large planet, roughly twice the size of Earth, and home to one of the most notorious mining operations in the galaxy. Sangerosia is too inhospitable to support its own indigenous life, the only beings on the planet's scarred barren surface are the workers conscripted there to mine the planet's core. Many lives have been lost on Sangerosia, either to the deadly acid storms that sweep across the surface or the toxic gases that gather in the depths of the mines.[OV Brief 1]


Only a handful of inhabitants have ever escaped from the penal colony-like Sangerosia. The list of those who have reads like a "Who's Who" of the galaxy's most ruthless warlords, despots, and mercenaries. And one huntsman. It is unknown if he was truly ever one of the indentured workers or secretly one of the masterminds behind the whole operation.[OV Brief 1]

Known Inhabitants[]


Sangerosia is a combination from the Spanish words "sangre", which means blood, and "rosa", which means pink.


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