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We became what we are through lifetimes of experience. Mine, samurai-influenced cooking techniques...It's about where you slice the and when.

– Samurai Chef introducing himself.

Samurai Chef is an antagonist who appeared in Recipe for Disaster.


In his human form he is a man of Asian descent with long black hair partially in a ponytail and wore red, black and grey samurai armor.

However, his true form is quite animalistic, resembling a were-wolf of some kind with predominantly red skin, brown hands and hindquarters, large spikes on his neck, red eyes and two protruding canines.


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Powers and Abilities

Samurai Chef can turn his hands into simple brown spikes in combat

Samurai Chef has enhanced agility, speed, and strength.

Samurai Chef can shapeshift between his human and alien form at will.


After becoming angry, his true form starts to show.

Like both the Skewer Chef and Molecular Chef he has an extremely high ego and is highly competitive making it almost impossible for them to work together as they constantly seek to one-up the other


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