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S.A.M., short for Sounding. Anemometer. Metagraphy., was a weather-manipulating robot that appeared in Monster Weather.


Water Monster

The Water Monster was an entity that was created by S.A.M. When S.A.M. first created it, it caused a torrential downpour at the concert. It was turned to steam by Heatblast.

Cloud Monster

Another form of S.A.M. is the Cloud Monster, a thunder cloud. When S.A.M. first created it, it reigned down thunderbolts all over the city. It was shorted out by salt.

Different Elements Monster

S.A.M. also turned into a monster made up of different weather entities and had Vance Vetteroy trapped in it. It was S.A.M.'s final form before being destroyed by Four Arms playing some electric guitars.


He has a sentient A.I. personality. He originally had a calm nice personality with short humor jokes and questions of what his creator is doing.

After being struck by lightning, his personality has been altered into being more sentient with a free will and a mind of its own, like making up plans. He changed to be manipulating, aggressive and sinister mood.


S.A.M. was a weathering monitoring apparatus designed to help the local weatherman, Vance Vetteroy with his broadcasts of the weather.

Vance was greatly annoyed that his creation was reduced to a TV gimmick, and so attempted to redesign S.A.M. in hopes of giving it the ability to control the weather rather that merely report it. During the test run, S.A.M. was struck by purple lightning and developed a twisted new personality.

For some reason, S.A.M. decided to use its new abilities to wreak havoc. Ben was able to take S.A.M. offline with help from Grandpa Max and Gwen by using a guitar to produce a sound frequency at the opposite end of the spectrum from the hum given off by S.A.M., thereby neutralizing the machine.

Powers and Abilities

The robot can control and manipulate the weather on how it sees fit.


S.A.M is weak to sounds on the opposite end of the spectrum of which it's hum is.

S.A.M is also weak to salt, as it shorted out when it came into contact with a large shipping container of salt.


Ben 10

Season 3


S.A.M. is short for Sounding Autonic Meteorograph.


  • S.A.M. has a lot in common with H.A.L. from 2001: A Space Odyssey, albeit with a little more emotion.
  • It is possibly the inspiration behind the reboot's Weatherheads.
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