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Ryan Sez is a character who first appeared in Adventures in Babysitting.


Ryan is an African-American teenager. He has black hair with the sides cut. He has black eyes. He wears blue jeans and an orange t-shirt with two white stripes on each sleeve. On top of his shirt, he wears a sleeveless coat. He wears a silver necklace and a silver and orange watch.


Ryan is anti-social, as he ignored Gwen through the entire episode of Adventures in Babysitting. He likes to use his phone and play video games instead of talking to people.


In Adventures in Babysitting, Ryan was told to watch Ben, Gwen, and Simon while their elders were hiking. Gwen attempted to start a relationship with him, but she failed, as Ryan was distracted by his phone. After noticing Simon's rampage, he got up and brought Simon the juice that he craved. Both groups ended up parting ways after the hike was over.


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