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Since leaving home, I have fought To'kustars and Incurseans, Tetramands and Ectonurites. It was a mistake to forget that. Compared to the battles I have fought throughout the galaxy, Revonnah Kai is small potatoes!

– Rook during his battle with Kundo.[14]

Magister[15] Rook Blonko is Ben's new partner after Gwen and Kevin left the team, and one of the main characters in Ben 10: Omniverse. He is a Revonnahgander from the planet Revonnah.


Regular Appearance[]

Rook is tall, with periwinkle-blue colored fur, black markings on his face, and pointed ears. The middle of his face, his chest and his stomach are white. He has black stripes on his shoulders, waist, lower legs, and lower arms. He carries the Proto-Tool on his shoulder and wears very durable blue-and-black Proto-Tech Armor.

Occasional Appearances[]

In The More Things Change: Part 1 and The Frogs of War: Part 2, Rook briefly wore a brown hooded robe and a red cap.

In The More Things Change: Part 2 and So Long, and Thanks for All the Smoothies, Rook briefly wore a gas mask.

In Of Predators and Prey: Part 1, Rook briefly wore 3D glasses while playing a Sumo Slammers game at the mall.

As Fistrook, Rook's hair was spiked up to look like a mohawk. He lacked the Proto-Tech Armor and instead wore a tank top with a skull on it. He had golden spikes on his waist, legs, and wrist bands. He briefly wore cream-colored boxers with orange outlines.

While riding the Tenn-Speed in The Color of Monkey, Rook wore a helmet resembling his Proto-Tech Armor with an orange visor.


Unlike Ben, Rook is more stoic and prefers to think before acting. For example, when the Perk and Murk Gourmands were at odds on how to save Queen Voratia Rumbletum from the Incurseans, Rook sided with the Perks to attack the Incurseans on the ground rather than invade their ship and save her, which he and the Perks considered to be the less risky route.[16]

Unlike Ben, Rook regularly follows Plumber protocol, such as ordering villains to stand down.[17][18][19][20] When Kundo took over Plumber Headquarters, Rook was initially reluctant to ask Fistina for help, citing Plumber regulations which state Plumbers are not allowed to receive gifts of any kind.[15]

Rook has a tendency to be honest to the point of being blunt. For example, when interrogated by Starbeard on whether Ben flagrantly disregards regulations and procedure, instead of defending him, Rook stated that Ben had demonstrated ignorance of procedure, as well as a countless host of other topics.[19] Also, on several occasions, Rook has turned down Fistina, once plainly telling her that her advances are unwarranted and unwanted.[5]

Rook is quite formal, initially calling Ben "sir"[21] and referring to Gwen as "Ms. Tennyson". Kevin once exasperatingly pointed out that he is "so polite".[22] Rook also does not use contractions, unless he is sufficiently angered.[14][note 1]

Despite extensively researching Earth,[24] Rook is unfamiliar with Earth culture and expressions, which can make him come across as somewhat naïve and often the rear of Ben's constant jokes. For example, when Kevin once initiated a fist bump, Rook shook his fist instead.[25] Rook sometimes also incorrectly assumes movies accurately reflect Earth culture.[26]

Generally speaking, Rook is open-minded and gets along well with others, though there are certain individuals that push his patience to the limit, like the Vreedle Brothers,[27] Pax[7] and Kundo.[14]

Rook holds his family in high regard, to the point that he loves his father more than anything else.[28]

As Fistrook, Rook's personality was similar to that of Fistrick. He commonly addressed others as "bro" and sometimes replaced other words with "bro". He was also very conscious about his diet and exercising habits.[2]


Powers and Abilities[]

Rook is proficient at using weaponry, which he has most commonly demonstrated with the various forms of the Proto-Tool. Through his use of the Proto-Tool, he has shown himself to be a proficient marksman and swordsman. For example, he was able to shoot Fistrick's tank from far away on a crane[29] and duel the Red Knight with one sword against two.[30]

Rook is proficient at martial arts, having received combat training at the Plumbers' Academy[3] and under the tutelage of his Revonnah Kai teacher, Kundo.[14] In addition to being Kundo's top student, Rook has since supplemented this fighting style with other techniques and tactics from his various missions as a Plumber, ultimately being able to best his teacher in fair combat.[14]

Rook has enhanced strength, as he was able to lift and throw a Panuncian by just holding its tail.[31]

Rook can jump high in the air.[17]

Rook has enhanced acrobatics and reflexes. For example, he was able to dodge one of Exo-Skull's energy blasts by crab-walking.[32]

Rook is flexible enough to hold his leg over his head.[33]

Rook has impressive piloting skills, as shown when he evaded several of Albedo's drones in the Proto-TRUK.[34]

Rook is excellent at mechanics and engineering, having made modifications to the Proto-Tool.[21] He was also able to create an electronic jamming device when he fashioned an electron entanglement disruptor to escape an electromagnetic barrier.[29] Furthermore, he was able to help Kevin make his new car impervious to everything except magic.[35]

Rook possesses a vast scientific and technological knowledge of alien paraphernalia, given his notice of his younger brother's modifications to a harvester for space flight.[6]

Rook is proficient at soccer, having learned the game at the Plumbers' Academy.[36]

Rook can understand the Sotoraggian language.[37]

Rook has some knowledge of magic. When he was in close proximity of the Alpha Rune, he was able to perform magic by casting a spell, albeit with a slight bit of trouble reciting the incantation.[11]

Rook's b'inthak was prehensile, and could hold objects if his hands were full, though it did have the habit of smacking him.[38]

As a temporary Gourmand hybrid, he was able to eat solid matter and convert it into explosive balls of green vomit.[1]


Rook's main weapon in battle is the Proto-Tool. He is adapted to using the Proto-Tool in a variety of forms, including but not limited to a sword,[30] bow,[29] grappling hook,[39] and blaster.[40]

Rook wears Proto-Tech Armor, which Rook claims is strong enough to protect him from a major explosive shock wave.[21] The only thing shown to be able to damage the armor was Kundo's Stonecutter technique.[14]

Rook has a scanner which can scan for the presence of sentient life,[21] track radiation,[41] read Plumber files,[42] and function as a breathalyzer.[43]

Rook has a Plumber Badge.[44]

Rook has a gas mask, allowing him to survive in unsuitable environments.[3][27]

Rook used the Proto-TRUK as his primary vehicle and transport for himself and Ben until it was destroyed.[45]

On Revonnah, he used a scythe to harvest Amber Ogia.[4]

Gwen temporarily lent Rook her spellbook, which he used to cast a spell, teleporting Charmcaster to Legerdomain.[11]

Rook's Proto-TRUK was rebuilt into a Time Cycle by Ben 10,000 as Uprigg.[45] However, it was destroyed.[28]


Rook cannot handle high temperatures for long periods of time, due to having fur.[41]

Rook can be mind-controlled by Dr. Psychobos' machine after being exposed to his Ogia Concentrate, as demonstrated by many of the Revonnahgander citizens on Revonnah.[6]

Rook does not like beam scans as the Z bosons condense on his fur, making him itch.[10]

Rook can be trapped by vines generated from a Florauna[46] and a Thep Khufan's bandages.[33]

Rook is vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Transylian.[33]

Rook is vulnerable to being controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas.[47]




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Other Comics[]

  • Ben 10 (Issue 1, Issue 2, Issue 3, Issue 4)

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  • Formula Cartoon All Stars


Rook's name is based on Cartoon Network's Rick Blanco.[DJW 2][DJW 3]



  1. During Omniverse's early run, Rook used contractions sporadically for some time.[1] However, it is later established that Revonnahganders consider using contractions as bad language.[6][23]


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