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Rollaway is the Hero Watch's DNA sample of an Arburian Pelarota from the planet Arburia and the Dimension 23 equivalent of Cannonbolt.


Rollaway is quite similar to Cannonbolt, except that his color scheme is more like Ultimate Cannonbolt's, and his Omnitrix symbol and eyes are blue instead of green. His eyes are more to the horizontal side rather than diagonal. The Omnitrix symbol has a gold outer casing.

Powers and Abilities

Rollaway can curl into a ball, encasing himself in his plating. In general, the Arburian Pelarota species mostly used this maneuver for defense, like an armadillo.

When rolled up, Rollaway becomes like a motorized wheel that can move at great speed (because of chemicals in his exo-plates that reduce friction)[pop-up 1][1] and can increase his rotational momentum to slam into and/or run over enemies.

Rollaway can ricochet and bounce off surfaces like a pinball in sphere form, suffering little-to-no loss in momentum.

Rollaway can use his sphere form to increase his agility by quickly opening up his ball shape while airborne, create shockwaves, and spin into a fierce tornado.

Rollaway seems to be capable of perceiving his surroundings despite his eyes being covered and encased inside his sphere form.

Despite his top-heavy body, Rollaway has enhanced reaction time, reflexes, dexterity, and balance, allowing him to quickly change in and out of ball form to suit his immediate needs.

Rollaway can house people and fairly large objects within his spheroid form.

Rollaway possesses enhanced strength, being able to fight on par with enemies about his size.[2] He can also break free from traps made of Lepidopterran slime.[3]

From inside his shell, Rollaway can withstand twice the heat of reentry into the Earth's atmosphere.[pop-up 2][4] Similarly, his shell is resistant to acids and lava,[5] and can withstand the plasma generated by members of Ball Weevil's species.[DJW 1]

Rollaway's shell can deflect lasers, even when not in sphere form.[6] Because of this, he is practically nigh-invulnerable[DJW 2] when curled into a ball.

Rollaway is capable of withstanding the vacuum of space, but he still needs to breathe. Without an oxygen-supply, Rollaway is limited to holding his breath.[7]

Rollaway can be empowered by electrical abilities, such as those of a Gimlinopithecus. This way, he can gain much more power and momentum when in sphere form.[8]


Rollaway is subjected to the physical laws of reflection and conservation of momentum, meaning that he has difficulty stopping or controlling his direction if he picks up too much speed.

Rollaway's bipedal form is top-heavy, making him very unbalanced and clumsy. This is because Arburian Pelarotas are made to spin, not walk.[pop-up 3][1] However, he can still manage to use his sphere form to enhance his agility.

Rollaway's large body makes it hard for him to move in small spaces, such as in vehicles like the Proto-TRUK.[7]

Rollaway can emit some sort of odor, which people housed in his spheroid form can find repulsive.[4][9]

Rollaway can be held in place by strong adhesives, such as those used by the Stalker,[10] as well as beings with as much or more strength than a Chimera Sui Generis.[11]

Rollaway cannot roll on slippery surfaces, such as puddles made of a Murk Gourmand's slime.[12]

Despite his shell being resistant to extreme heat while reentering Earth's atmosphere, Rollaway can still suffer a mild amount of pain from the force of impact.[4][8]

Rollaway has a weakness against magic, as shown when Cannonbolt was constrained by Addwaitya.[13]

In his uncurled form, Rollaway can be controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas.[DJW 3]





Season 3

Season 7

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
French Que Sa Roule From que ça roule, "let it roll", and sa, his/her/its
Polish Okrąglak From okrąglak, rotunda
Portuguese (Br) Rolador From rolador, roller
Russian Ядро From Ядро, kernel
Spanish (HA) Ruédala From rodar, roll.



Crew Statements

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