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Newredomni Characters and/or events in this article appear in official media of the franchise
but are non-canon to the TV continuity.

Rocks is the Omnitrix's DNA sample of a Basalt from the planet Andesite.[Net 1]


Rocks is a humanoid alien whose body consists entirely of symmetrically formed yellow-lime stone. His stone is darker in some areas: between his shoulders and forearms; from his lower torso down to his knees; and on his palms. He also has two darker-colored spikes coming out of each arm. He has smaller spikes on his legs and his hands have three fingers: the middle one being larger and spade shaped. He wears the Omnitrix symbol on his chest.


Although he may appear to have a tough exterior and is quick-tempered in battle, Rocks is very down-to-earth, and acts like a solid, loyal type of hero.[Net 1]

Powers and Abilities[]

Rocks has enhanced strength, which he can use for crushing and pummeling things.[Net 1]

By using his strength, Rocks can generate earthquakes.[Net 1]

Due to the environment of his home planet, Rocks is resistant to intense heat.[Net 1]


Rocks is cumbersome, and thus not very fast or agile.[Net 1]

Water is dangerous to Rocks: over time, it erodes his body and weakens his strength.[Net 1]

Rocks cannot swim, and sinks like a stone when in water.[Net 1]



Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Italian Rocks From the original English name
Polish Rocks From the original English name
Portuguese (Br) Rochas From rochas, rocks
Romanian Rocks From the original English name
Russian Рокс From the original English name
Spanish (HA) Rocks From the original English name
Turkish Roks From the original English name


  • Despite being non-canon,[DM 1][MW 1] Derrick J. Wyatt believed Rocks is canon[DJW 1] and was unlocked off-screen prior to Omniverse.[DJW 2]
    • Had the network allowed the crew to include more aliens into Omniverse, Derrick would have incorporated Rocks.[DJW 3][DJW 4]
    • Had he appeared on-screen, Rocks would have been accompanied by the sound of rocks scraping together.[DJW 5]


Ben 10.Net[]

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Crew Statements[]

Dwayne McDuffie[]

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Derrick J. Wyatt[]

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