Rhomboid "Boid" Vreedle is one of the Vreedle Brothers. He is significantly less intelligent and more trigger happy than his older brother Octagon. He, like his brother, are clones of the original brothers, as revealed in the episode Con of Rath.


Boid is the least intelligent of the sibling duo but, he is more intelligent than Rath, but less mean than him. He appears to be the workhorse, possibly because of his supreme size and strength. One could say that Octagon is the "brains" and Boid is the "brawn", always blowing things up with a large weapon.

Boid is the younger brother, which would explain why he (usually) follows Octagon's orders. One could say that Boid is the stereotypical "younger sibling who gets bossed around by the older sibling".
Rhomboid Vreedle

Rhomboid as seen in Cosmic destruction

Rhomboid vreedle

Rhomboid In Alien Force


  • A rhomboid is a parallelogram with 2 different sets of parralell sides.
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