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Rex Salazar is a young EVO with the rare ability to control his nanites.


Rex is a Hispanic kid with lightly spiked, slicked back dark hair. Rex wears a red jacket with a half black and white shirt, with orange goggles. He also wears jeans and black shoes.


Rex is an amnesiac and he has trouble remembering his family. As a result, Rex has no one besides Bobo. Unlike Ben, Rex is still new with his powers and lacks confidence in himself.[2]


Ben Tennyson

At first, Rex and Ben did not get along very well, always getting in each others' way while dealing with Providence and Hex's alien army. However, they eventually become friends, with Ben being Rex's first human friend. Rex is a little envious of Ben for having a family he can go back to.

Bobo Haha

Bobo is Rex's partner and was originally his only friend. Rex and Bobo are always looking out for each other and always cooperate together well during fights. Bobo would usually advice Rex on what to do in situations.

Agent Six

Rex dislikes Six as he is always tries to bring Rex into Providence. Rex and Bobo are always on the run from him. Six gained some respect for Rex after seeing his heroic actions.



Rex is the son of the late scientists Rafael and Violeta Salazar and he got his amnesia from the Nanite Event. Because of the event Rex gained the power to technopathically speak to any machine via touch and also build his own machines from any one of his limbs. This resulted in him and his friend Bobo to be Providence's go-to target, who wants to take him in as an asset. Since then, Rex and Bobo has been running and hiding away from Providence, keeping themselves fed by stealing food.

Ben 10

In Ben Gen 10, Rex and Bobo were still at large, looking for food. They stole a s'more from Ben, who reacted in rage. They ran from Ben who had then transformed into Cannonbolt. With no other options left, Rex attempts to build the B.F.S. He successfully builds it and battles off Cannonbolt. Rex defeats him only for Cannonbolt to get back up and chance Rex and Bobo again. As they run to the Lincoln Memorial, Bobo notices that Cannonbolt has a piece of technology. Rex uses his powers to interfere with the Omnitrix. The watch is then infected with nanites, which causes it to malfunction and transform various humans into aliens. Rex wants to fix the device, but Bobo reminds him that Agent Six will show up soon, and they both run away. They soon return and fight off Six. After Providence is called in, he, alongside Bobo and Ben, both run away. They run to the Rustbucket to hide. Ben questions what EVO's are after Bobo relieves that their current situation doesn't deal with EVOs. Rex explains to Ben that EVOs turn the result of nanites infecting people, turning them into monsters. Bobo then explains that they were swiped from Rex's parents lab and have on the run from Providence ever since the Nanite Event. Ben questions what happened to Rex's parents. Rex explains that he has a hard time remembering things. Despite that, Ben request for Rex to fix what he did to the Omnitrix. However, Rex was scared and ran away.

Later on, Rex and Bobo spots Ben fighting off his cousin and grandfather along with other humans who were infected with alien DNA. Rex is inspired by Ben trying to fight them off with no powers, and he soon jumps into the fight. Sooner or later, Six calls in for the "clean up crew". Bobo explains what it is, and the three are forced to work faster to save the world. Eventually, Rex discovers more builds as he battles off Hex and his forces. He soon gets the motivation to fix Ben's Omnitrix and reverse what he did. They four then defeat Hex.

Agent Six gives Rex and Bobo a five minute head start to run away. Six claims that if Rex ever looses control of his powers, he'll be there to stop him. Rex and Bobo begin to run, but Rex stops to give Ben one last goodbye. They both run into the forest after.

Powers and Abilities

Woah! I did it! Bobo, are you seeing this?! It worked! I made the sword!

– Rex after building the B.F.S.

Rex has billions of nanites inside his body. After activation, the nanites mutate a normal being into an EVO. However, unlike most EVOs, Rex has the ability to control his nanites at will, allowing him to build various machines on his body.

Image Name Description
2BG10 (529).png The B.F.S The B.F.S. (Big Fat Sword) is a massive orange sword that Rex can build on either arm. Rex is able to extend its blade. It is one of Rex's most lethal machines.
2BG10 (3133).png Smack Hands The Smack Hands are massive orange gauntlets that Rex can transform either arm (preferably both) into to take down larger foes. The Smack Hands give him incredible strength, allowing him to break through obstacles or lift heavy objects.
2BG10 (3128).png Punk Busters The Punk Busters are a pair of massive orange super boots that considerably amplify Rex's kicking power and speed. They allow Rex to jump hundreds of feet into the air or jump across ten square blocks. A stomp releases a powerful blue shockwave strong enough to repel six Vaxasaurians.

Rex can use his nanites to communicate with a variety of machines.

Rex could build the Omnitrix if his nanites had the schematics, materials and alien DNA. However, he has nowhere near enough mastery over those nanites to concentrate long enough to build it.[DR 1]


Rex only recently gained his powers. As such, he is still inexperienced at building machines. Rex is also not confident in his own powers, as shown when he did not think he could fix the Omnitrix.

Rex's machines can be broken apart with enough force.


Ben 10

Season 5

Video Games

Cartoon Network Arcade

Generator Rex is a common collectable figure in the Cartoon Network Arcade app.


  • This Rex is a younger version of his counterpart from the original Generator Rex series. Daryl Sabara even reprises his role from the show.
  • Whereas his Classic Continuity counterpart existed in a separate universe in the Main Timeline, this Rex lives in the same timeline as Ben.
  • Humungousaur indirectly named one of Rex's machines; the Punk Busters.


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