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Rex Salazar is a young EVO with the ability to cure other EVOs, including the ability to control his nanites using the Omega-1 Nanite. He can grow weapons and machines from his body, often using his limbs, and can communicate with technology, machines and even with nanites themselves.


Rex is Hispanic, being half-Mexican and half-Argentinian. He is most normally seen with lightly spiked, slicked back dark hair. He is also taller than most people his age. Rex also wears a pair of orange goggles on top of his head, with a matching red-orange patterned jacket. His T-shirt is blue on the top-half and white on the bottom-half, with two orange rectangles on the left pectoral. Rex wears black pants with blue geometrical patterns which glow whitish blue whenever Rex uses his powers. He also wears blue gloves with orange cuffs and blue-black shoes.


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Early Life

Not much is known about Rex's life before the Nanite Event except finding out his parents and older brother were scientists and he was the first human subjected to the nanites.

Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United

In the crossover special, Ben enters Rex's world by accident, and Rex confuses Ben for a dangerous EVO. After Rex and Ben have a fight, they eventually team up to face the worst threat either of them have ever faced: the sapient nanite Alpha. A creature that has to suck the nanites from EVOs in order to survive, Alpha had previously been banished to what was believed to be a dimension of nothingness - however, Ben revealed that the villain had ended up in the Null Void, where he managed to feed on various alien prisoners until he could escape.

Rex and Ben eventually confronted Alpha inside the Bug Jar, where it absorbs Rex's Omega-1 Nanite in an effort to create a body to sustain itself. In response, Ben used Upgrade to increase Rex's power - together, they were able to do enough damage to Alpha that Rex was able to trap him in a super-concentrated ball of Nanites, which Ben dumped into the Null Void on his way back to his universe.

Hero Times Two

Rex arrived in Ben's Universe to hunt The Pack, and to obtain the Promethium. He encounters Ben and the team and forms a rivalry with Kevin. After helping defeat the Pack, Rex returned to his own universe through a portal created by Gwen.

OK K.O.! Crossover Nexus

Rex arrived in CN City where was defeated and turned into a statue by Strike prior to the events of the episode. Upon Strike's defeat, he and every one else was freed and able to return home.

Powers and Abilities

Like all living things on his Earth dimension, Rex has billions of nanites inside his body. After activation, the nanites mutate a normal being into an EVO. However, unlike most EVOs, Rex has the ability to control his nanites at will, allowing him to build various machines on his body. He can also use his nanites to communicate with a variety of machines and other Nanites and cure some EVOs of their mutations. Additionally, Rex can use his nanites to change out of his AMP suit.

Image Name Description
HU (224) The B.F.S Is a big sharp sword, Rex can build this on either arm with a secondary mode in which it's used as a buzzsaw. It is very durable.
HU (106) Smack Hands Are two giant gauntlets that Rex builds on both of his arms. The have a secondary function in which Rex spins them like drills to either add extra power to his punches or tunnel through solid rock. Rex's best friend Noah previously noted that Rex has always started the offensive with the Smack Hands, suggesting he should "change it up a little".
HU (302) Slam Cannon Is a large handed cannon that Rex builds on either arm. It grabs ammo from the ground and shoots it out.
HU (155) Punk Busters The Punk Busters are super boots that Rex builds out of his feet. He can jump very high in them. He can even use them to kick foes really hard.
HU (84) Boogie Pack The Boogie Pack is a jet pack with a pair of large turbine wings. The two gray turbines can be shot out like bolas and reeled back in.
HU (726) Rex Ride A motorcycle that uses levitation instead of wheels with a built-in battering ram. Rex can ride very fast on it.
HU (972) Blast Caster Is a mechanical tentacle, with a nanite generator in his back, the tentacle is extendable to a great length and can be used to shock his opponents.
HU (19) Funchucks The Funchucks are giant nunchucks that are attached to both of Rex's arms. He can spin them at high speeds launch them at his enemies or use them to generate an energy pulse.
HU (596) Bad Axes The Bad Axes are a pair of large blue axes that can slice through almost anything. The sharp edges are a light, glowing blue.
HU (144) Block Party The Block Party are a pair of shields built around Rex's lower arms and hands. They are made up of super-charged atoms that can block almost anything.
HU (1137) Upgrade Suit The Upgrade Suit is the form that Rex takes by merging with Ben Tennyson in his Upgrade form. It is powered by alien technology. With the upgrade suit Rex's builds are enhanced to levels far beyond anything on Earth; providing very advanced weaponry that includes faster flight, speed and greater strength.

Rex has at least a rudimentary knowledge of Spanish and Chinese, and tends to interlard his speech with Spanish wording.

Rex is shown to have some sculpturing skills, and is good at playing volleyball and ping pong.


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Despite his long track record of defeated EVOs, Rex has had poor fighting skills. Fortunately, he has gotten better over time.

Rex's machines are powered by gravity and produce selenium as a side-effect. Additionally, he naturally gives off small amounts of selenium; Caesar compared this process to be akin to dandruff.

Sometimes, Rex does not know how to speak Spanish properly, often humorously mispronouncing words.[1] To rectify this, Holiday volunteered to help him polish his skills.

Rex is lousy at both soccer and basketball.




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Rex's first name means "King" in Latin. His last name, Salazar, is a combination of the words "sala" (meaning "hall") and "zahar" (meaning "old"). When translated from Old Spanish, "Salazar" means "old hall".


  • Despite both of them hailing from separate universes, Rex shares several similarities with Ben:
    • Both are creeped out by clowns.
    • Both have scars on their bodies; Rex's is on the back of his left knee, which that he got from playing on some lab equipment when he was seven.
    • Both used jokes to cope with difficult situations at a young age.
    • Unlike Ben, however, Rex did not have a teddy bear when he was a kid.
  • Rex is also similar to Alex Mercer from the Prototype video game series.
    • Both have shapeshifting abilities, and gained severe amnesia at the start of their adventures.
    • Both wear jackets with two horizontal stripes on each sleeve.
    • Both are involved with a devastating epidemic that turns humans into monsters.
    • Unlike Alex, however, Rex is on friendly terms with an organization attempting to stop the epidemic.
  • Rex could build the Omnitrix if his nanites had the schematics and materials, including alien DNA. However, he has nowhere near enough mastery over those nanites to concentrate long enough to build it.[DR 1]
  • Rex's jacket smells like bananas.[2]
  • When he was younger, Rex wanted to play the accordion and be an undersea explorer.
    • He once drew a picture that resembled his bio-mechanical form, alluding to his eventual inspiration for his machines.
    • He used to share "stomping grounds" with John Scarecrow when he was in Hong Kong.
    • He also used to wear underwear over his head and act out Lucha Libre movies, earning him the nickname Cabezas de Trapo.
  • Rex seems to sleep in his normal everyday clothing (most likely so that he is always ready for action).
  • Since Rex does not remember his true birthday, Providence had his "birthday" scheduled on the day he joined Providence.
    • Ironically, Rex was conscripted to Providence on Six's birthday, causing the two to share the same birthday.
  • Rex has a criminal past, due to working for Quarry and being his top lieutenant.
  • Rex is a fan of Spanish soap operas, Japanese anime, and a rock band called the Trendbenders.
  • Rex has underwear with motorcycle patterns.
  • Rex plays with toys during baths.
  • Rex is the only crossover character to appear 3 times in the Ben 10 Franchise.


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