Rex's Universe is an alternate universe where the plot of the series Generator Rex, this universe is visited by Ben in the special Ben 10-Generator Rex: Heroes United. So far only Ben visited Earth in that universe.


According to Rex account for the space in the past six years the "Nanite Event " change everything in your world covering it with Nanites, they were able to activate and somehow mutate into different living beings known as E.V.O.s, filling the planet of strange mutant creatures.

File:Center-of-Nanite-Storm Heroes United.jpg

As seen in the special, the threat is controlled by Providence E.V.O and other places like The Bug Jar are present here and not the universe of Ben. Also worth noting that in this universe alien contact has not been established (if aliens even exists there) and is seen by at least Rex as something ridiculous.

This is another universe, not a timeline, as there are no other counterparts of Ben nor of his friends in this universe, as told in McDuffie Forums.


Known Inhabitants

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