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Every single day... Eat... Farm... Eat what you farm...

Charles Zenith sleepily reciting the Revonnahgander lifestyle.[1]

Revonnahganders, also known as Revonnans,[2][3] are a humanoid feline-like species from the planet Revonnah.


NHAB (19)

Upper torso

Revonnahganders are feline-like violet-furred aliens with pointed elf-like ears. Their hair can be black, white, or purple. They have cat-like pupils and large pointed upper canines. They have small black stripes on their arms.

Young Revonnahganders have tails called b'inthaks, which fall off at puberty.[4]

Female teenage and some older Revonnahganders have purple lips, similar to lipstick.



In While You Were Away, Dr. Psychobos used concentrated Amber Ogia to mind control the Revonnahganders. The mind control was done by concentrating large amounts of Amber Ogia and flipping a switch on Psychobos' invention. Dr. Psychobos was broken out of prison by Princess Attea in order to create the machine. The concentrated Ogia was administered by underground pipes that sprayed a mist onto the working Revonnahganders. Ben used Astrodactyl to fight Dr. Psychobos and Attea, but they escaped with a small amount of Ogia Concentrate.


Revonnahganders consider using contractions as bad language.[5][note 1]


Revonnahganders have a traditional fighting style known as Revonnah Kai. A notable master of this fighting style is Master Kundo, who taught Rook Blonko. One of the moves is called Stonecutter.[8] The user of this technique, as its name suggests, is able to break stone with their bare hands.

Once young Revonnahganders part with their b'inthak, their family will hold a b'inthakoid ceremony where they will announce that the young Revonnahgander's childhood has ended and that they will be able to choose their own name, giving their b'inthak to any person they are named after. Before losing their b'inthak, the Revonnahgander is referred to as "Young One".[8][note 2]

BiS (743)

The Harvest Festival

Revonnahaganders also hold Harvest Festivals. These festivals take place over multiple days and celebrate the harvested Amber Ogia crops. Fireworks are set off to mark the beginning of a festival, which double as a means to scare off Muroids. Revonnahganders use Muroid droppings to fertilize their crops. As a custom, a certain amount of Amber Ogia is set aside for the Muroids to take. During the Harvest Festival, female Revonnahganders may wear a ceremonial dress.[9]

Powers and Abilities[]

Revonnahganders have enhanced strength, as Rook was able to lift and throw a Panuncian by just holding its tail.[10]

Revonnahganders can jump high in the air.[11]

Revonnahganders have enhanced acrobatics and reflexes. For example, Rook was able to dodge one of Exo-Skull's energy blasts by crab-walking.[12]

Revonnahganders are flexible enough to hold their leg over their head, as demonstrated by Rook.[13]

Pre-pubescent Revonnahganders' b'inthaks are prehensile, and can hold objects if their hands are full.[8]


Revonnahganders cannot handle high temperatures for long periods of time, due to having fur.[14]

Revonnahganders can be mind-controlled by Dr. Psychobos' machine after being exposed to his Ogia Concentrate, as demonstrated by many of the citizens on Revonnah. The Revonnahganders exhibited strange behavior, such as harvesting an unusual amount of Amber Ogia out of season and adopting Psychobos' mannerisms and speech patterns.[5]

Revonnahganders do not like beam scans as the Z bosons condense on their fur, making them itch.[15]

Revonnahganders can be trapped by vines generated from a Florauna[16] and a Thep Khufan's bandages.[13]

Revonnahganders are vulnerable to electricity, such as that generated by a Transylian.[13]

Revonnahganders are vulnerable to being controlled by a Vladat via their Corrupturas.[17]

Notable Revonnahganders[]

Notable Revonnahgander Hybrids[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
German Revonnahländer From Revonnah, and länder, inhabitant
Portuguese (Br) Revonniano
From Revonnian.
From Revonnahgandero, alternate name of Revonnahgander.
Romanian Revonian
Spanish (HA) Revonnahgander
Revonnaguiano (Bros in Space)
Ravanniano (Rook Tales)
From the original English name.
From Revonnaguiano, alternate name of Revonnahgander.
Alternate name of Revonnahgander.


  • As opposed to Western naming conventions, Revonnahgander names are ordered like those of people from Asia and East Europe, with the family name first and the given name second.
    • Furthermore, Revonnahgander culture is similar to some Asian cultures, placing a great emphasis on tradition and a general dislike of outsiders.
  • Revonnahganders are even less known than humans and Rook is one of the few to ever leave Revonnah.[DJW 3]
  • Despite the fact that Revonnahgander DNA is present in the Omnitrix,[DJW 2] Derrick J. Wyatt has only ever given joke names to the transformation such as Farmer BoringJeans,[DJW 4] Math Man, and Doctor Boring Farmer,[DJW 5] which should not be considered official.
    • There was never any talk among the crew of giving Ben a Revonnahgander transformation.[DJW 6]


  1. During Omniverse's early run, Rook used contractions sporadically for some time.[6] However, it is later established that Revonnahganders consider using contractions as bad language.[5][7]
  2. It was previously shown with Rook Shi and Rook Ben's early appearances and later explained by Rook Blonko that Revonnahganders start off having tails (known as b'inthaks) at a young age before they eventually fall off at puberty.[9][4] Similarly, Rook Ben was initially named Young One because he had not gone through his naming ceremony.[DJW 1] It is later established that the naming ceremony occurs after a young Revonnahgander's tail has fallen off,[8] contradicting Shi's early appearances, in which she had both a name and a tail at the same time. Correlating with the change, Shi later appears without a tail.[7]


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