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Revonnah is the homeworld of the Revonnahganders and the Muroids. The fruit Amber Ogia grows on this planet.


Revonnah is a majestic and beautiful planet with multiple suns. Its rugged terrain is dotted with farms that have been cut into the mountains like terraces, with orderly rows of crevices sliced into the rock for cultivation, broken up by silos and simple farmhouses. These hillside farms, operated by the Revonnahganders, yield one of the most remarkable plants in the universe: Amber Ogia.

Known Inhabitants

Non-native species

Notable Visitors

Naming and Translations

Language Name Origin
Spanish (HA) Ravannah (Many Happy Returns)
Rivonnah (Bros in Space and While You Were Away)
From the original English name


Revonnah spelled backwards, Hannover, is a city in Germany, a parish in Jamaica, and a town in New Jersey.


Revonnah's Landmass

Revonnah's landmass

  • The most exciting thing to do on Revonnah is to keep the Muroids out of the grain silos.[1]
  • Revonnah's landmass is uncannily similar to Earth.[2]
  • A month on Revonnah has at least 53 days.[1][3]