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The Retaliator Armor[DJW 1] is a suit of armor created by Azmuth based on Galvanic Mechamorphs and used by his father in Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens.


When no weapons are being used, the armor looks just a black and blue Galvanic Mechamorph.


The Retaliator Armor wraps around the user and transforms them into a blue Galvanic Mechamorph, which can convert into a more armor-like form in combat. The weapons and functions of the Mechamorph Armor include:

Laser blasters and missiles: it also seems to have an aiming system. The lasers also seemed to not be able to affect a mana shield. The lasers were able to hit and burst a hole in Tetrax's ship from all the way on the ground to space.

Booster Rockets: Located in the feet for self-propelled flight.

Enhanced strength: He was able to push apart Way Big's hand to be able to leave Way Big's hand.

Technopathy: Ability to merge with any technology and repair it. or to upgrade technology.

Teleportation: Retaliator Armor has the ability to teleport throughout the galaxy.

Shapeshifting: Retaliator Armor allows shape shifting like a Galvanic Mechamorph.

Laser Beam: Retaliator Armor when it charges up both of the cannons on both arms can shoot a straight laser beam, that when hitting a To'kustar frill stunned it and caused electrical energy to swarm around the whole To'kustar.

Optic Beam: Retaliator Armor is able to shoot a optic beam like a Galvanic Mechamorphs optic beam.

Enhanced Durability: Retaliator Armor was able to survive multiple hits from a prime 10 year old Tetramand, and was able to survive Tetrax falling onto him in the Omnitrix simulation of Petropia, it was also able to survive a To'kustars step but it was flattened.

Hydrokinesis: Retaliator Armor can shoot water via making a exit hole it can also freeze this water, and can even freeze a 10 year old prime Pyronite.

Computer: Retaliator Armor seems to have a computer has shown in destroy all aliens, it also seems has if it can scan its environment has shown when max was able to press Retaliator's hand and popped up the symbol.

Claw: Retaliator Armor seems to be able to make a claw that can grip onto a partly frozen Pyronite and the claw can also extend.

Video Display: It seems has if the Retaliator Armor can play video through a hologram projected from its eye.

Wireless Activation: Retaliator Armor showed that it was able to activate a self destruct sequence on Azmuth's ship when pinned to the wall, it is unknown how he did this.

Energy Cuff: The Retaliator Armor can release a Energy cuff of sorts that was able to lock Ben and Gwen together by the stomach by launching it at them and pushing them back.


The Retaliator Armor can pump up the user's aggression until they become single-minded and ruthless, making it a dangerous weapon to use if the user is not careful.

Magic seems to be a great weakness to Retaliator Armor able to trap the armor multiple times.


This artifact is surely the improved version of a Galvanic Mechamorph, because that species was an accident made by the Galvans when trying to make a tool that emulates other tools, and this is a version that has been successfully achieved and its main purpose is to emulate other tools that Azmuth needs for its projects, lifeless unlike the Galvanic Mechomorphs.

In Ben 10: Destroy All Aliens it is used by Retaliator to hunt down the To'kustar who supposedly murdered Azmuth.


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  • The armor has one flaw, namely that it pumps up the user's aggression until they become a single-minded weapon of destruction. This was the reason why Azmuth warned his father to stay away from it.[1]
  • Azmuth used the armor not as weapon, but as a toolkit.[2]
  • Vilgax and Albedo used Malware's remains to create a more dangerous version of the Retaliator Armor.[3]


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