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The Regressive Baby Powder is a bioweapon that was developed by Nanny Nightmare sometime before the events of Ben 10.


The Regressive Baby Powder acts as a bioweapon that targets age, sometimes increasing it and sometimes decreasing it. The powder is magenta in color. 


Ben 10[]

The regressive baby powder was first seen in Growing Pains where Nanny Nightmare used it on Ben and Gwen. However, the version she used turned them into toddlers. It is later learned that Nanny Nightmare had used the powder on other people. The powder itself was later used to age Nanny Nightmare and her henchmen drastically.


Ben 10[]

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  • The regressive baby powder is similar to Ura Urashima's Idun Box from Yu Yu Hakusho, as both emit a purple-colored smoke when used and can turn a person back to an earlier stage of life.
  • Gutrot's species is immune to the Regressive Baby Powder.[DR 1]


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