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Reflected Glory is the second episode of the second season of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien, and the twelfth episode overall.


JT and Cash get in over their heads when they take credit for Ben's heroic acts.[CN 1]


The Forever Knights are trying to retrieve what looks like an alien artifact, and Ben, Gwen and Kevin come to stop the attempt. Ben transforms into Armodrillo and fights the Knights. After defeating them, Armodrillo transforms back into normal. The team sees a light, which is revealed to be Cash and JT.

The boys say they became Plumbers and show their fake badges. Oliver Thompson is now working for the boys after Will Harangue fired him when the robot he built for him failed to defeat Ben. Cash touches the spacecraft containing the artifact, which becomes a robot. The team battles the robot and Ben transforms into Terraspin. The boys begin acting like the leaders, telling the team how to fight. The Forever Knights escape with the robot's battery, and they leave. JT and Cash explain that they are trying to take credit for Ben's plans by having Oliver help them get rich and famous, so they decide to try becoming "somebodies". So, Ben's team decides to let them go with their plan, with the exception of Kevin, but agrees to go with the plan by getting some of their money. However, when they explain they are the brains behind Ben, Psyphon hears what they say and gets angry.

They begin to track down the Forever Knights with Gwen's powers, so they go to the beach close to where Vilgax's ship exploded, and later, where Ben fought Zombozo Charmcaster and Vulkanus. Cash and JT also claim thet they managed to get Ben back from the Null Void from Sunder's power axe. The team, along with Cash, JT and Oliver, infiltrates one of the Forever Knights' homes and he explains their plan of stealing a Power Decoupler. The Forever Knights discuss their plan for the weapon and Ben transforms into Four Arms and the team comes in to fight with Cash, JT, and Oliver filming the scene. Kevin gets angry with them not helping and Psyphon comes in to destroy Cash and JT, believing them to be the masterminds behind Ben Tennyson.


Psyphon makes his Ultimate Alien debut

Psyphon shows up with his Robotic Extermination Devices, known as R.E.D.s, and blames Cash and JT for his master Vilgax's defeat, wanting to destroy them. Ben transforms Spidermonkey to fight Psyphon and his R.E.D.s. While Psyphon chases Cash and JT and Gwen and Kevin fight the R.E.D.s, Ben fights Psyphon. When Psyphon proves to be too strong for Spidermonkey, he transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey. Psyphon learns that Cash and JT are not worth destroying after they cowardly reveal their scam to him. Gwen and Kevin destroy the R.E.D.s and Cash and JT use the energy decoupler to defeat Psyphon and save Ben. However, when they used the Power Decoupler, the power from Oliver's camera ran out and the act of the boys saving Ultimate Spidermonkey from Psyphon did not show. Oliver tells the boys that since they revealed their plan on camera and their act was not shown, no one will watch their blog ever again. The boys are now left in disgrace as total losers and Ben and his friends quit their job of having them take credit for their actions.

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Spells Used[]

  • Acerbus


JT: If you kids wouldn't mind stepping aside so we can do our job? (Bumps into Gwen's shield)
Gwen: Your job?
Kevin: Last I heard, your job involved giving wedgies to crying freshmen.
Cash: People change, Levin. You did, or do you still wanna kill Tennyson there?
Kevin: No... not usually.
Ben: Hey! JT, Cash, what do you think you're doing here?
Cash: We're Plumbers. (Cash and JT show their Plumbers badge)
Ben: They're fakes.

Oliver: Hey kids, Oliver Thompson!
Ben: I remember you, from the video game! You work for Will Harangue!
Oliver: Actually I went freelance, right after he fired me.

Ben: A blog? Why didn't you tell me?
Gwen: Because I didn't want you to go chasing after them the next time you turn into Rath.
Ben: Rath would never... okay, good point.

Forever Knight: That alien technology is ours by Right of Salvage.
Gwen: Meaning 'finders keepers'? (shield breaks) Ugh! (trips Forever Knight)

Psyphon: This is none of your concern!
Kevin: I'm kinda leaning towards what he's saying. (Gwen pulls him by ear) Ow! And now I'm leaning toward you.
Ben: Guys, it's no big deal! (he transforms into Spidermonkey)

Oliver: (turns on his video camera) This is no cheesy recreation, fans! JT and Cash will actually show how they overcame the power of Vilgax!
(JT and Cash, in the background, run away from Psyphon in fear) Okay, interesting strategy.

Gwen: Kevin, get up! We're still in trouble!
Kevin: Let me sleep. We're always in trouble.

(Ultimate Spidermonkey barely hits Psyphon in the head, he falls down)
Ultimate Spidermonkey: (exhausted) Huh, I still got it.

Cash: We didn't do anything to Vilgax! We made it all up! We're total losers!
JT: We never helped Ben Tennyson at all! We had to beg him to do the show with us!
Cash: I even told Gwen that we needed the money for my mother's operation. I didn't tell her it was for a nose job!
JT: But she really needs it!
Psyphon: (after realizing the truth) You're not even worth destroying.

(Both JT and Cash get up after using the Energy decoupler to save Ben from Psyphon)
Kevin: Keep away from that! It could go off!
Cash: It did go off! We used that to save Ben. We're heroes!
Gwen: Sure you are. Mr. mom needs a nose job.
Cash: How did you?
Gwen: I already got 200 tweets about it.
JT: But we really did it this time.
Ultimate Spidermonkey: (exhausted and carrying Psyphon) Guys. It's over! No more taking credit for my wins. We're done!
JT: Oliver, you got the whole thing on camera, right?
Oliver: Nope. Camera lost all its power right when Ben there zapped the bad guy we got nothing. And thanks to your confession, no one wants to watch you.
Ultimate Spidermonkey: (to JT and Cash) Even the Internet thinks you're a waste of time.
Kevin: Now, that's pathetic.
(Ultimate Spidermonkey, Gwen and Kevin are quitting as Cash and JT's webshow's cast, leaving and taking Psyphon with them)
Cash: B-but he didn't zap the bad guy, we did! The gun we shot made the camera lose power. We're heroes. We're heroes!!
Oliver: Give it a rest, boys. Show's over. (also quitting as Cash and JT's cameraman and leaving)

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Hungarian A Dicsőség Visszaüt The Glory Hits Back
Italian Gloria Riflessa Reflected Glory
Polish Odbita Sława Reflected Fame
Portuguese (Br) Carona da Fama Ride of Fame
Romanian Glorie Reflectată Reflected Glory
Spanish (HA) Gloria Reflejada Reflected Glory
Spanish (Spain) La Gloria Ajena The Glory of Others


Voice Actor Role(s)
Yuri Lowenthal Ben Tennyson
Forever Knight #2
Ashley Johnson Gwen Tennyson
Greg Cipes Kevin Levin
Dee Bradley Baker Armodrillo
Ultimate Spidermonkey
Four Arms
Knight Leader
Scott Menville JT
Matt Levin Cash Murray
Peter MacNicol Oliver Thompson
Forever Knight #1



  • Armodrillo and Spidermonkey's holograms face away from Ben.
  • Cash and JT do not get charged for pretending to be Plumbers, despite impersonating Plumbers being an interstellar-class felony and them uploading their adventures for everyone to see.
  • When Four Arms goes into the Forever Knights' hideout, just as the smoke clears, his bottom gold straps are gone.
  • In one shot, Four Arms' underwear is gold, and he only has three arms.
  • Kevin's metal form changes between two colors.
  • When Psyphon makes his entrance through the roof, Ben is shown wiping off the dust. The next scene shows Four Arms, switching back to human form.
  • When Spidermonkey transforms into Ultimate Spidermonkey, he sounds completely different than he was supposed to.
  • Ultimate Spidermonkey's jaw is miscolored on many shots.
  • When Psyphon attacks Ultimate Spidermonkey, his energy beams disappear.
  • When Psyphon lifts Ultimate Spidermonkey, he is much smaller than he should be.
  • Oliver claims that the webcast is live, but after Cash accidentally gets knocked out by the Forever Knight, he claims they can "save it in editing".



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