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This article is about the robot ninja knight from the show. You might have been looking for the Forever Ninjas from the video games.

The Red Knight[2][3][note 1] is a robot affiliated with the Forever Knights and a former member of the Negative 10.


In the Original Series, the Red Knight had brownish-maroon armor with a utility belt and a shoulder pad on its right shoulder with the Forever Knight insignia on it. It had a yellow V-shaped eye and two swords on its back.

In Omniverse, the Red Knight's armor is now crimson-red, and its utility belt and shoulder pad is now sangria-red in color. The shoulder pad has the updated Forever Knight insignia on it and its eye is now red. It now has a weapon on its right arm colored sangria-red.



The Red Knight was created by Sir Driscoll to be his bodyguard.[pop-up 1]

Ben 10[]

The Red Knight first appeared in Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 1 as a member of the Negative 10.

In Ben 10 vs. Negative 10: Part 2, the Red Knight is defeated by Perk Upchuck by spitting its own shuriken back at it.


The Red Knight returned in Return to Forever as part of Joseph Chadwick's Forever Knight remnants. It fought Ben and Rook, but was defeated.

In Bengeance is Mine, the Red Knight was among the Forever Knights who fought Ben and Rook in Pakmar's Loofah Emporium. After the store got destroyed, they disappeared.

In An American Benwolf in London, the Red Knight defeats itself by holding the Proto-Tool backwards and shooting an energy blast at itself, but was salvaged by mutated Chadwick.

Powers and Abilities[]

The Red Knight has enhanced strength, speed, agility, stealth and battle tactics.

The Red Knight has a limited self-repair system to repair minor damage.


The Red Knight has an assortment of weapons, including energy swords and various shurikens and throwing projectiles.


If the Red Knight takes enough damage, it will shut down.

Loud noises such as sonic booms or the large bell of the Big Ben Clock Tower can disrupt the Red Knight's system.[3]

The Red Knight's artificial intelligence may not be as advanced as other robots, as it accidentally shot itself in the chest while holding the Proto-Tool backwards.[3]


Ben 10[]

Season 4[]


Season 4[]

Season 5[]


  • Despite being called the "Red Knight", its color was more of a brownish maroon in the Original Series. The name would eventually make sense in Omniverse, where it is crimson red.


  1. This page was originally created by an anonymous user who titled it as "Forever Knight Ninja" on July 27, 2008. This name was later used to refer to an enemy NPC in the Ben 10: Alien Force video game, which was released on October 28, 2008. This was repeated with the release of Ben 10 Ultimate Alien: Cosmic Destruction on October 5, 2010, which reused the Forever Knight Ninja enemy, now referred to as "Forever Ninja". On February 17, 2010, information about the Forever Knight Ninja NPC was added to the Red Knight page by Williamteoh97, who assumed that it represented the Red Knight character. On March 25, 2011, the same was done with info about the Forever Ninja NPC by Hurut. The name "Red Knight" was first added to this page by Paradox fan on May 15, 2009, who cited pop-up trivia as a source. The page was later renamed to "Red Knight" by Aei-Kae-Aei on the same day, only to be renamed back to "Forever Knight Ninja" by Kevinlevin13 on July 20, 2010. It was again renamed to "Red Knight" by Zaxopify on April 3, 2011. The page was then finally renamed to "Forever Ninja" by Bentenny10 on January 15, 2012, who cited Cosmic Destruction as a source. The Red Knight was never referred by its name until An American Benwolf in London, which confirmed that it is its true name. However, this wiki continued to refer to the Red Knight as the Forever Ninja until January 8, 2024. In that time, the Red Knight was referred to as the Forever Ninja (albeit erroneously referred to as a human) on a card released with the fifty-ninth issue of the Ben 10: Alien Adventures magazine, released in 2009.[merch 1][4]



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  1. link unavailable
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