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This is the timeline where the reboot series takes place. It is not to be considered an alternate timeline to the Classic Timeline, but a unique parallel continuity.


  • Azmuth's ship crashes on Galvan B, leading to the creation of the first Galvanic Mechamorphs.
  • A war on Petropia breaks out as the Antrosapiens rise up, forcing an alliance between the Petrosapiens and the Subsapiens.
    • They both defeated the Antrosapiens and sent them back from where they came.
      • It took eons for the Petrosapiens and Subsapiens to return to their former prosperity 
    • The Subsapiens and Petrosapiens form a truce and rebuilt their civilizations.
    • Over time the Antrosapiens reassembled and were ready to strike.
    • Soon the Fulmini invaded and attacked the civilization by surprise.
      • The Fulmini were there to plunder the crystalline world in order to replenish their own devastated home world.
    • The three Petrosapien tribes set aside their differences and forged a new weapon.
    • The weapon sent the Fulmini back into the Black hole from which they emerged.
  • The Kinecelerans land on Pyros. The Kineceleran ambassadors are greeted with hospitality by the Pyronite Leaders.
    • While the elders talk the young Kinecelerans and Pyronites plays a soccer like sport and bond over it.
  • Azmuth creates the Omnitrix, along with the Omni-Kix Key.
    • Vilgax, Azmuth's student, obtains the Omnitrix and abuses its power, aiding him on his galactic conquest.
      • Azmuth programs the watch to respond only to him telepathically, and he traps half of Vilgax inside the Omnitrix. He sends it to one of the most unintelligent planets he could find. He was keeping track of a group of subspecies who could keep it safe. Azmuth was soon exiled to the Null Void.
15th century
  • Renaissance era, Florence.
    • Aliens attempts to contact Earth.
65 years ago
circa 52 years ago
  • Phil and Max made contact with a signal of alien origins when they were pre-teens.
11 years ago

10 years ago

1 year ago
  • While in 4th grade Ben got bullied by Kevin (in 5th grade) to the point he didn't eat lunch for 3 months.
Prior to Ben 10
  • On Kinet the modern Kinecelerans try to break their speed records set by the Kinecelerans before them. Things were getting slow on the planet, but soon ships invaded their planet. The Arburian Pelarota. The Kinecelerans prepared for battle. The Arburian Pelarota came in peace and offered new spheroids, and the Kinecelerans were faster than ever.
  • Ben, Gwen and Max went on a summer, cross-country trip prior to the beginning of the series.
  • The Omnitrix, sent by Azmuth, crash lands near Mount Rushmore, prior to the beginning of the series. Almost immediately after, the Omni-Kix Key fell on Earth near the pod.
    • The Omnitrix attached itself to Ben's wrist.
  • Sally and Todd go on a road trip across America.
  • Team Tennyson met Hex, Dr. Animo, and LaGrange respectively prior to the beginning of the series.
During Ben 10
  • The events of Ben 10 take place.
  • Ben uses Overflow for the first time and to fight the mini Hydromanders.
  • Ben meets Maurice and Sydney, and become enemies.
  • Ben enters a wrestling match as Four Arms, and meets Iron Kyle. 
    • Ben uses Overflow to defeat Iron Kyle, and expose that he is an Iron robot.
    • Some time after this Forever Knight begins watching Ben.
  • Zombozo mind controls a whole crowd, but is later stopped by Team Tennyson and they become enemies.
  • Ben meets Billy Billions, and he steals the Rustbucket
  • Ben switches from one alien to another for the first time in Ben 24hrs
  • The Weatherheads attack, and the Omnitrix glitches (after Ben messed with it), turning Ben into alien fusions.
  • Ben meets Steam Smythe for the first time and Ben destroys Smythe's Clocktopus.
  • Ben and Gwen get turned into toddlers by Nanny Nightmare.
  • Team Tennyson meets the Sez family for the first time.
  • Ben and Gwen go to a music concert that is later taken over by Lord Decibel.
  • Ben meets Tim Buktu.
  • Michael Morningstar feeds off of people's energy on a movie set.
  • The Forgeti saves Team Tennyson from Dr. Animo.
  • The Omnitrix starts beeping, serving as a beacon.
    • Ben gets a new alien, Gax.
      • Ben switches from alien to alien again.
    • Team Tennyson goes to Phil Billings for help.
    • The Omnitrix cracks, and Vilgax arrives taking back his DNA.
      • Vilgax's Ship is destroyed in a volcano.
      • Ben uses Upgrade to upgrade the Omnitrix.
      • Upgrade's DNA pod gets destroyed and replaced with Shock Rock's.
  • Vilgax returns seeking energy from a spaceship.
    • Ben goes Omni-Enhanced for the first time.
  • Billy Billions meets Simon, for the first time.
  • Dr. Animo and Vilgax team up, Vilgax later betrays Dr. Animo.
  • Vilgax and the Weatherheads team up.
    • Vilgax tries to convince Ben to surrender the Omnitrix.
    • Ben turns into Shock Rock for the first time.
  • Vilgax creates a new ship.
  • King Koil attacks the reptile range.
  • Xingo and Shock Rock swap places in reality, Xingo in the real world, and Shock Rock in the Game.
  • The Bounty Hunters return to capture Ben, later Tetrax, is revealed to be a Petrosapien.
  • Charmcaster attacks Gwen.
  • Vilgax and Zombozo team up, Vilgax later damages his own ship.
  • Ben Travels to the day he found the Omnitrix.
    • Multiple alternative timelines were created.
      • However later on they were erased.
  • Vilgax attacks Ben in a giant robot.
    • Ben captures Vilgax for the first time.
    • Ben and Vilgax go inside the Omnitrix.
      • Ben learns about the DNA loading chamber within the Omnitrix
  • Ben and Vilgax meet Glitch.
  • The High Override enters the portal from Fulmas to inside the Omnitrix.
    • The High Override mind controls Shock Rock.
  • Vilgax is banished to the Null Void by the High Override.
  • The High Override attempted to conquer Earth, but Ben, Gwen, Max, and Glitch stopped him.
    • Glitch fuses with the Rustbuggy
    • The Omnitrix reboots.
      • Ben unlocks new aliens.
  • Glitch enters Earth as the Rustbuggy.
  • Some time prior to Season 3, Kevin Levin has a strange dream that sent blueprints to complete the design of Vilgax's own Omnitrix. Using these blueprints drawn, Kevin builds the Antitrix.
  • Phil gifts Team Tennyson with the Omni-Copter.
  • Kevin fights Ben, and he has his own Omnitrix.
    • Forever Knight sees Kevin as a possible recruit.
  • Team Tennyson visits Scotland and takes down the Fogg monster again.
  • The Forever Knight proposes his offer to Kevin, Kevin declines.
  • Team Tennyson travels to Paris, Zombozo's Henchmen escape while he gets arrested.
  • Team Tennyson travels to the South Pole and meet Solar Twain and Polar Twain for the first time.
  • Ben fights Forever Knight for the first time in Tokyo, Japan.
  • Forever Knight causes a traffic jam, seeing Simon as a new recruit.
  • Kevin attempts to steal the Rustbucket for Forever Knight, but later fails.
  • Team Tennyson visits the great wall.
  • Vin Ethanol and LaGrange races, Vin takes LaGrange to jail.
  • Charmcaster takes Gwen's place and Gwen takes hers, they later switch back.
  • Forever Knight finally gets Kevin on his side, and gives him a communication device.
    • Kevin uses Bootleg to take over the Rustbuggy.
      • Kevin later destroys his communication device.
  • Charmcaster uses Kevin in an attempt to destroy Gwen.
  • Nanny Nightmare returns and tries to get revenge on Tim Buktu.
  • The Twain Twins try to cut Earth in half in order for both of them to rule each side separately, the Omnitrix glitches again switching Ben from alien to alien.
  • Max, Phil, and Gwen are cleaning the Omni-Copter, while Ben goes out with Glitch, later on Tetrax attacks them.
    • Ben and Tetrax team up, and defeat Kraab and SixSix.
      • Tetrax looses an arm in battle.
  • Kevin introduces his 11th alien, Bashmouth.
  • Kevin Finally joins The Forever Knight.
  • Ben is summoned into another dimension and is targeted by Strike.
    • The Omnitrix is zapped off of him, leaving him stuck as Four Arms.
    • He teams up with K.O., Garnet, and Raven.
    • K.O. recreates the Omnitrix using Strike's Pen, and Ben takes out Strike using different Cartoon Network characters. 
  • Ben and Kevin play laser tag together, and become friends for the day.
  • A strange company, Galahad, brings a new race, and Phil enters.
    • Vin abandons LaGrange.
    • Vin Joins the Forever Knight.
  • The Forever Knight captures Team Tennyson.
    • Ben Fights in Forever Knight's arena, Team Tennyson later escapes.
  • Steam Smythe convinces Aristocrow to help him again.
  • Team Tennyson Visits Penny and her Grandpa Mac on their Farm.
    • Ben is chased by a Scarecrow
      • Aristocrow betrays Steam Smythe again.
  • Vin and Kevin interact for the first time.
    • Kevin leaves Vin's side after a charity race.
  • Queen Bee partners with Anthony Roachisano.
  • Kevin is hired by Anthony Roachisano to be a hero and make money.
    • Kevin interacts with Queen Bee for the first time.
    • Kevin and Queen Bee end their partnership with Anthony Roachisano.
  • Charmcaster uses a mystical artifact her Uncle Hex gave her for the first time.
    • Kevin, Ben, and Gwen team up to stop Charmcaster.
  • Forever Knight attempts to blow up the mines.
    • Ben fights Forever Knight again.
    • Forever Knight escapes.
  • Forever Knight recruits Billy Billions.
    • Gwen and Max are forced to learn about Galahad, a company Forever Knight owns
  • Ben joins the Forever Knight.
    • Forever Knight's team is complete.
      • Ben and Forever Knight go back in time.
    • Max offers Vin to join Team Tennyson.
      • Phil bribes Simon with juice to stop him from working with Forever Knight.
    • Gwen and Kevin team up.
      • Ben, Gwen, and Kevin take on the Forever Knight.
    • Kevin and the Forever Knight get trapped in time.
    • Vin joins Team Tennyson.
  • Ben, Gwen, Max, and Phil return to the campsite the Omnitrix landed in.
  • The Tennyson family uses the Omni-Copter to transport an important exhibit to an exotic nature reserve.
    • Tim Buktu attacks, and Ben uses Jetray for the first time.
  • Kevin is revealed to be back in their current time.
  • Kevin becomes Hex's apprentice.
    • Kevin soon teams up with Ben and takes Hex down.
  • Team Tennyson compete in a mud race.
    • The Weatherheads appear.
    • Due to the Weatherheads failure in their mission, Sunny arrives on Earth and takes them to leave.
  • The Tennyson family go to a cosplay convention, there Max discovers Forever Knight's Helment, which takes over people's body.
    • He is later captured by Max and given to Phil to examine.
  • Breaker One-Nine returns to fill up a "bottomless hole", but he is later stopped by Kevin and Ben.
  • The Tennysons travel to Rome, there, at a pizza restaurant, they run into the Bug brothers, who plan to shrink a certain landmark.
    • Later on, Sydney is broken out of jail by Queen Bee, Maurice teams up with the Tennysons to save him.
  • Frightwig attempts to get Zombozo back in the crime business, after giving up due to constant failure.
    • Zombozo eventually returns to his crime life. 
      • Later on Max allows him to escape.
  • Team Tennyson visits Mojave Wind Farm, but encounters the Weatherheads. 
    • Ben founds out that they were creating a charging station for Sunny.
      • Team Tennyson is chased by the Weatherheads combined form. The Weatherheads are soon destroyed by the wind turbines.
      • Ben as Omni-Kix Humungousaur defeats Sunny.
  • Team Tennyson arrives at a magic club. There they encounter Hex hex for the final time of the summer. Hex is then defeated and taken to jail.
  • Lord Decibel has his Sonitrain created Helen Troy's tech company; Helen Troy Industries.
    • Team Tennyson soon gets to ride the train. Ben and Gwen soon finds out that Lord Decibel is behind the train.
    • Ben then defeats Lord Decibel with the help of Gwen and Helen. The trio encounters for the last time of the summer.
  • Ben fights off Steam Smythe as Heatblast, but feels he no longer has anymore challenges.
    • Max gets an urgent call from Phil.
    • Phil tells them that there's a meteor heading straight for Earth, and he found out that the Omni-Kix Key was inserted into the Omnitrix improperly.
    • Soon they insert it the correct way, and Ben transforms into Omni-Naut Jetray.
      • Ben misses the meteor, and flies into a wormhole.
    • Vilgax arrives on Earth.
    • Ben flies through the portal, on the other side he times out. His Omni-Naut armor kicks in and saves him from suffocating in space.

Non Canon Events

21st Century
  • Ben takes on dangerous opponents like Zombozo, Queen Bee, and the Weatherheads, and saves the day through puzzle solving.
  • Ben and his family were enjoying their European vacation… until evil magician Hex unleashes the power of four mysterious crystals.



Ben 10

OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes!


  • Whether or not the Classic Timeline and Reboot Timeline are parallel Universes, has yet to be revealed.[DR 1]
  • Alternate dimensions such as Dimension 23, exist within the Reboot continuity.[DR 2]
  • Gyro is an existing restaurant.


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