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This is the main timeline where the reboot series takes place. It is NOT considered an alternate timeline to the Original Timeline.



65 years

20th Century

  • Max and Phil make contact with aliens.

11 years ago

10 years ago

21st Century.

  • A war on Petropia breaks out as the Antrosapiens rise up, forcing an alliance between the Petrosapiens and the Subsapiens.
  • Ben, Gwen and Max went on a summer, cross-country trip prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Ben receives the Omnitrix near Mount Rushmore, prior to the beginning of the series.
  • Ben and his team met Hex, Dr. Animo and LaGrange respectively prior to the beginning of the series.
  • The events of Ben 10 take place.
  • Ben meets Maurice and Sydney, and become enemies.
  • Zombozo mind controls a whole crowd, but is later stopped by Team Tennyson and they become enemies.
  • Ben Meets Billy Billions, and he steals the Rustbucket
  • Ben switches from one alien to another for the first time.
  • The Weatherheads attack, and The Omnitrix glitches (after Ben messed with it), turning Ben into alien fusions.
  • Ben meets Steam Smythe for the first time and Ben destroys Smythe's Clocktopus.
  • Ben and Gwen get turned into toddlers by Nanny Nightmare.
  • Team Tennyson meets the Sez family for the first time.
  • Ben and Gwen go to a music concert that is later taken over by Lord Decibel.
  • Ben meets Tim Buktu.
  • Michael Morningstar takes people's energy at a movie set.
  • Then later meets Charmcaster.
  • The Forgeti saves Team Tennyson from Dr. Animo.
  • The Omnitrix starts beeping, serving as a beacon.
  • Ben gets a new alien, Gax.
  • Ben switches from alien to alien again.
  • Team Tennyson goes to Phil for help.
  • Tetrax, Kraab, and Sixsix attack Ben.
  • The Omnitrix cracks, and Vilgax arrives taking back his DNA.
  • Vilgax's Ship is destroyed in a volcano.
  • Ben uses Upgrade to upgrade the Omnitrix.
  • Glitch is created.
  • Upgrade's DNA pod gets destroyed and replaced with Shock Rock's.
  • Ben goes Omni-Enhanced for the first time.
  • Animo turns into an Appoplexian.
  • Vilgax creates a new ship.
  • King Koil attacks the reptile range.
  • The Bounty Hunters return to capture Ben.
  • Charmcaster attacks Gwen.
  • Vilgax and Zombozo team up, Vilgax later damages his own ship.
  • Ben Travels to the day he found the Omnitrix.
  • Ben and Vilgax go inside the Omnitrix.
  • The High Override enters the portal from Fulmas to inside the Omnitrix.
  • Vilgax is banished to the Null Void by the High Override.
  • The High Override attempted to conquer Earth, but Ben, Gwen, Max, and Glitch stopped him.
  • Ben unlocks new aliens.
  • The Forever Knight sees Ben as a possible recruit.
  • Kevin fights Ben, and he has his own Omnitrix.
  • Team Tennyson Travels to different countries.
  • Ben meets K.O., Garnet, and Raven and they defeat Strike.



Ben 10

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