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Guys, this is Raff. The number two guy in like forty star systems.

Kevin, introducing Raff to Ben and Gwen.[1]

Raff is a Sylonnoid commander in the Incursean Empire and was Emperor Milleous' right-hand man. He is currently serving under Attea whom he must address by her full title.


Raff is an alien with a partially metallic body. From his shoulders up to his forehead, he is almost entirely silver and made out of metal. His lips and the outline of his eyes are dark gray. His sclera are black and his pupils are pink. His brain, which is completely visible from the outside, pokes out of his metal head and is protected by a thin, clear material. There is a metal circle on the front of his brain. A similar ellipse appears on his chest, dividing his metallic upper body from the black and purple robe that covers the rest of his body.


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Raff has had many adventures with Kevin.[DM 1] At some point, he began serving the Incursean empire.

Alien Force[]

In X = Ben + 2, Raff was commanded by Emperor Milleous to search for Attea on Earth. There, he met back up with Kevin, and met Ben and Gwen. At the threat of being annihilated by the Incursean Conquest Ray, the trio agreed to help out. After Alien X fixed a dam destroyed by SevenSeven, Raff and the others were teleported onto an Incursean ship. Upon sending the ransom to SevenSeven, Milleous instructed Raff to destroy Earth upon Attea's return, in exchange for his forgiveness. Raff quickly turned on Kevin, forcing him, Gwen and Alien X to fight back and eventually retreat. Once Attea, joining forces with SevenSeven, tried to overthrow Milleous, Raff conceded and told the guards to seize his former leader. After Milleous reclaimed his throne from Attea, Raff resumed serving him.


In Tummy Trouble, Raff helped the Incurseans invade Peptos XI. Now serving an older Attea, he retrieved Queen Rumbletum for her. He later checked in on guard station nineteen, only to be fooled by Ben pretending to be an Incursean. Once the Gourmand army began eating away at the planet, he advised Attea that they leave.

In Special Delivery, Raff attended Psyphon's auction.

In Rad, Raff was alerted by a soldier that the Lovely Duck had stalled in their territory. Fearing Milleous and Attea's yelling, he ordered them to search the ship. Under the pretense that Pax was the ship's captain, he demanded he open his cargo, in turn releasing a Gracklflint. After the group escaped, leaving the Incurseans with the Gracklflint, he called them, demanding they take it back.

In Catfight, Raff and Major Glorff watched Attea reject a long line of Incursean soldiers as her partner. Despite their attempts to interject, Attea decided to travel to Earth to find Ben (or, more specifically, Bullfrag).

Powers and Abilities[]

Raff has the ability to teleport to any place, though it is only due to technology rather than his own power. He seems to have very high authority in the Incursean empire, but the events in X = Ben + 2 and Tummy Trouble alike show that he is often bullied into doing other's bidding.

Raff can understand the Sotoraggian language.[1]


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