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"Ben, I accessed Rad's dossier. Awards, commendations and outstanding judgements, all in the name of..."
"Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman."

Rook and Ben.[1]

Captain Rad Profit Danger Trouble Dudesman[DJW 1] is a tough-as-nails alien who made his first major appearance in Rad. His occupation is mercenary-for-hire and smuggler. He will take on any job or transport any cargo, as long as he's paid well.


Rad is a duck-like alien with light-blue skin and a blue beak.

Rad wears a beige shirt with three black stripes and a belt with some equipment on it. He has a helmet with an attached black visor.


Five million freighter captains in the universe, and I get a trigger-happy duck with a death wish.

Eye Guy.[1]

A trigger-happy duck, Rad has an aggressive personality, often getting angry when someone stops him from shooting his target. His reputation is considerable, as many of the patrons of the Black Hole bar were intimidated by his presence.[1]

Since he is a mercenary, Rad is generally agreeable as long as he is paid.

Rad can become more cold-hearted and uncaring, having no concern for the well being of others. For example, he had no qualms throwing Ben out his ship and preferred leaving him on Anur Transyl. Additionally, Rad is not very forgiving, as he refused to answer to Ben after the latter accidentally broke the replacement part of his ship, the Lovely Duck, that was necessary to starting it up again.[2]

When he gets very aggressive, Rad makes notable duck noises.[3]



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In Have I Got a Deal for You, he was watching the fight between Sunder and Shocksquatch.

In Rad, he is called by the Plumbers to go on a space journey with Ben Tennyson and Rook Blonko to the planet Terminus III, as a group of Plumbers got trapped on this planet. Rad takes his companions to his ship, the Lovely Duck, introduces them to Pyxi, and go straight to Terminus III. Later, Rad's ship receives the alert that there is an intruder on the ship. Ampfibian manages to electrocute the opponent and they see that it is Pax. After catching Pax, Pyxi informs Rad that the Gracklflint has escaped and is running free throughout the ship. Pax's fruits manage to get Gracklflint's attention and locks him back in his cage. They were ready to continue their journey, but the raiders stop them and board the ship. Grey Matter manages to come up with a plan and tells Rad to eliminate all the Raiders who entered the ship. Rad achieves his objective with a great weapon that he had in his wrists and they also manage to escape from the Incursean ship. Finally, Rad takes Ben and Rook to Terminus III to save the Plumbers. At the end of the episode before leaving Rook accessed his Dossier confirming all of his said middle names.

In Rad Monster Party, he, Ben, Rook and Hobble travelled to the Anur System to meet Scout a Plumber stationed on Anur Transyl. When they crash landed Rad tells the gang to "Stay Close" and to keep a low profile.

Powers and Abilities[]

Rad has innate navigational abilities.[DJW 2]

Rad can glide a little using his wings.[DJW 2][2]

Rad can understand Pyxi's speech.[1]


While aboard his ship, the Lovely Duck, Rad appears to have a wide arsenal of laser weapons at his disposal.[1]

Rad's most notable weapons are a personal blaster pistol and a pair of energy gatling guns. Rad is extremely skilled with blaster weaponry, and his battle skills are formidable enough to make entire Incursean squads 'cry for their mommas' and quickly retreat.[1]


Rad is weak without his weapons.[4]

Rad can be trapped in bandages generated from a Thep Khufan.[4]

Rad can be controlled and hypnotized by Vladats via their Corrupturas.[2]



Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Season 5[]

Naming and Translations[]

Language Name Origin
Bulgarian Рад Дюдсман From the original English name
Polish Kacz Problem Ryzyko Zysk Kolesiak kacz, duck, problem, zysk, profit, and kolesiak
Portuguese (Br) Rad Dinheiro Perigo Problema Parceiro From Rad, dinheiro, money, perigo, danger; problema, trouble; and parceiro, partner, cool or dude
Spanish (HA) Rad Ganancias Peligro Problemas Dudesman From Rad, ganancias, profit, peligro, danger, problemas, problems and Dudesman


  • Rad is very similar to Rocket Raccoon, as both of them are based on animals, pilot spaceships, hangs out with criminals, prioritizes money, a vast knowledge of technology, completely fearless, wield large guns and sense of humor.
    • The only difference is that Rad is an actual alien whereas Rocket is considered a mutant.[DJW 2]
  • Rad's personality is evidenced by all the high-powered weapons he has on the Lovely Duck.
  • Rad was designed by Chap Yaep.[DJW 3]
    • Originally, he was just an Undertown incidental, but the crew really liked his design, so he was made into a proper character.
  • Rad exhibits the same character traits and profession with the military training of Han Solo from Star Wars.


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