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This is the timeline where Ben 10: Race Against Time takes place.


18th Century
19th Century
  • Eon first appears on Earth in the early 1800's. The Plumbers had been fighting mostly supernatural threats up until then.[pop-up 1][1]
  • Eon is defeated by the Plumbers and put into deep freeze in a facility called 'Kim Labs'.
  • The Hands of Armageddon are experimented on, creating the Grand Canyon.[2][1]
  • 1827
    • Miller's Hardware store is established.
  • 1871
Mid-20th Century
  • Bellwood Elementary School holds it's first talent show 50 years before the events of the movie (wherein they hold their 50th Anniversary All Student Talent show).
  • 1974
  • 1989
Late 20st Century
  • Ben's parents tape their 'experimental theatre days', including mime and mask work.[3][1]
Early 21st Century

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  • The events of Ben 10: Race Against Time were originally canon to the Prime Timeline.[DM 1] As of Ben 10,000 Returns, it has been retconned into an alternate timeline with many changes to the story such as Eon now being alternate timeline version of Ben instead of an alien, and Chronians and Chronia no longer existing.[DJW 1]



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