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This is the timeline where Ben 10: Race Against Time takes place.


  • 1727
    • Plumbers are established.
  • 19th Century
    • Eon first appeared on Earth in the early 1800's (Just under 200 years before the events of the movie). The Plumbers had been fighting mostly supernatural threats up until then.[pop-up 1][1]
    • Eon is defeated by the Plumbers and put into deep freeze in a facility called 'Kim Labs'.
    • The Hands of Armageddon are experimented on, creating the Grand Canyon.
  • 1827
    • Miller's Hardware store is established.
  • 1871
  • Mid-20th Century
    • Bellwood Middle School holds it's first talent show 50 years before the events of the movie (wherein they hold their 50th Anniversary All Student Talent show).
  • 1974
  • 1989
  • Late 20th Century
    • Ben's parents tape their 'experimental theatre days', including mime and mask work.
  • Early 21st Century
    • Ben and his cousin Gwen go on a road trip, where Ben gets the Omnitrix, and learns about Max's history as a Plumber. Ben also learns about the Null Void.
    • Ben returns to school from his summer trip and defeats Eon. The events of Race Against Time occur.
    • Ben, Gwen and Kevin from the Prime Timeline saw into this timeline when Gwen used her spell in Ben 10,000 Returns.