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You see? That is how Aggregor found the others! He used that Ultimatrix of yours as a homing device! But this time, I will destroy it before he finds me!

– Ra'ad, revealing how Aggregor was able to recapture Bivalvan, Galapagus, P'andor and Andreas.[1]

Ra'ad is a Amperi from the planet Tesslos[merch 1]. He's one of the five Andromeda aliens who were captured by Aggregor and is the DNA source for Ampfibian.


Ra'ad looks exactly like AmpFibian except he has blue eyes instead of green and lacks the Ultimatrix symbol.


Ra'ad had very little indication of his personality in Escape From Aggregor, preferring to be quiet and observant. He questioned Galapagus' trust briefly and agreed that Bivalvan's plan was the best. He also appeared somewhat controlling, having a short argument with P'andor but quickly changed his mind and went along with Bivalvan.

In Fused, Ra'ad had drastically changed, likely after seeing all his friends become captured and the Plumbers dying, and focuses his anger against Ben for unintentionally aiding Aggregor. He seemed to have become uncaring and concerned for only his own well-being, as he was perfectly okay with taking over Ben's body despite meaning that, as Gwen put it, "having him fade". Ra'ad also was not above lying as he teamed up with Ben only to attack him, though this was due to Kevin's thoughts of selling him out as a last-ditch. However, he appeared to Kevin after leaving Ben to fight Aggregor and seemed ashamed of himself, and after Kevin mocked how horrible a coward he is, Ra'ad sacrifices himself to Aggregor to save Ben, likely meaning his vengeful attitude has been dismissed. His overall trait seemed to be self-preservation, which is probably why he lasted the longest from Aggregor, although this might also be because Ra'ad was the most discrete, combined with his ability to travel through electrical devices and read the minds of others.


Ultimate Alien[]

Ra'ad first appears in Escape From Aggregor where he helped the other prisoners escape Aggregor's Ship.

Ra'ad reappears in Fused where he attacks Ben and blames him for Aggregor recapturing his friends. Ben offers to work together with Ra'ad, who seemingly accepts only to attack his team out of mistrust aware of Kevin's thoughts of handing him over to Aggregor to save themselves. When the Ultimatrix scans Ra'ad's DNA, he reveals this was how Aggregor found the other Andromeda aliens as he used the device as homing beacon and tries to destroy it before Aggregor closes in on his location. Ra'ad appears to have vanished after an explosion resulting from his powers colliding with the scanning wave. When Ben changes into Ampfibian to battle Aggregor and later retreats to Kevin's garage via teleportation spell, Ra'ad is revealed to have been trapped in the Ultimatrix, his influence being why Ben could only use Ampfibian and not transform back. Ra'ad kept the Ultimatrix offline to prevent Aggregor from tracking them and begins possessing Ben (similar to how Zs'Skayr through Ghostfreak possessed Ben), risking Ben ceasing to exist. Kevin was able to release Ra'ad from the Ultimatrix and Ben's body. Ra'ad then tried to escape, but returned to save Ben from Aggregor after Kevin lectures Ra'ad for leaving Ben, who tried to help him, at Aggregor's mercy and that he used to be selfish as well. Aggregor captures Ra'ad again after a short fight and explosion and takes him to his ship along with the others to absorb their powers.

In Ultimate Aggregor, Ra'ad and the others were forced to fight Ben and his team by Aggregor, and he presumably died when Aggregor absorbed the five Andromeda galaxy aliens.

As of the end of Absolute Power: Part 2, Ra'ad, as well as the other Andromeda Aliens, are brought back to life after Kevin was turned back to normal. Ra'ad is the only one who speaks in the moment, thanking Ben for helping them.

Powers and Abilities[]

Ra'ad can manipulate, produce, and absorb electrical energy, such as lightning and the Piscciss Volann guards' energy net.[2] That energy is then launched out of his tentacles as attacks.

Similar to Ectonurites and Necrofriggians, Ra'ad can make himself intangible.[1] Correlating with this, he is capable of electrically shocking any objects and beings he phases through.[3]

Ra'ad can fly and is agile enough to dodge attacks while flying.[4]

Ra'ad can breathe underwater, the latter of which allows him to swim at superhuman speeds. He can also safely produce and discharge electricity underwater.[DM 1][2]

Ra'ad's tentacles can extend multiple times their length.[5][4]

Similar to Galvanic Mechamorphs and Nosedeenians, Ra'ad can become pure energy in order to enter electrical cables and generate a large energy blast that surrounds him.[1]

Ra'ad has degree of enhanced strength, enough to restrain Phil with his tentacles,[6] as demonstrated by Ampfibian.

Ra'ad is durable enough to withstand being throw against a wall by Solid Plugg[7] and getting hit by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[8]

Ra'ad can read the thoughts of any creature that has a nervous system, by sensing the electrical pulses of their brain;[DM 2].[1]

Ra'ad can survive in the vacuum of space and generate a protective energy shield around himself; these feats were both exclusively demonstrated by Ultimate Aggregor during his visit to the Perplexahedron.[9]


Ra'ad is weak against enemies who can drain electricity, like Phil.[6] Furthermore, Ra'ad's electric attacks are useless against Solid Plugg[7] because he is made out of super dense rubber.[DJW 1]

Ra'ad can be harmed by an Aerophibian's neuroshock blasts.[8]

Despite being able to use his electricity underwater, Ra'ad can accidentally shock himself if he is entering or partially in water.[1]

Ra'ad's intangibility is useless against other beings that can also become intangible, as it will cancel out their abilities to do so.[10]


Ultimate Alien[]

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Season 3[]


Ra'ad is a transliterated Arabic word (رعد), which means "thunder".


  • Ra'ad's plan to take over Ben's body and his Ultimatrix is similar to Zs'Skayr's plan to take over Ben's body and the Omnitrix. However, Ra'ad's intentions were to escape from Aggregor, while Zs'Skayr's intentions were to take control of the universe.
  • Somehow Ra'ad knew of the deaths of the two Plumbers who took P'andor, despite the incident taking place in space and not on Earth.
  • It is unknown why he was doubtful of trusting Galapagus and did not thwart his supposed betrayal when he had the ability to read minds like he demonstrated with Kevin.



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